Nuendo 8 purchase?

Hi guys,

wondering if anyone can help. I’ve been using Nuendo 4.3.0 on my win7 PC for many years, I would like to now use a later version of Nuendo cause there are some features that would make life easier for me. Problem is, my PC isnt capable of running Win10 in a stable manner and I cant afford another PC right now. So my only option is to update to the latest version of Nuendo that will run on my Win 7 PC. Is there anyone here that I could purchase the N4 to N8 upgrade from?


If you buy v10 you can run v8 on that license. I don’t think that you’re going to find someone selling a literal “N8 upgrade”, probably just the entire v8 license. So in that case you would own one for v4 and one for v8. Since the new version is like $1,000 I doubt you’d get a v8 for much less than you could update to v10 for.

If my brain works ok (probably not) then looking at the price online you’re probably not saving more than $100 if you could find an upgrade to v8. So might as well go 10 if that’s the case… probably…

…if my brain works…

Thanks for the reply,

I had no idea you could do that. So how does that work? Simply purchase the N4 to N10 then instead of running the N10 installer run the N8 installer instead? Im guessing that id have to download that from the downloads section?