Nuendo 8 startup dialog about missing licenses [Solved]

I recently purchased the Nuendo 8 crossgrade from Cubase 10 Pro, I use the Mac versions. On loading Nuendo I get the following dialog box:

"Some content could not be loaded. Either, licenses are missing, or trial license have expired:

Vintage Verb Collection
MPE Sounds Padshop
MPE Sounds Retrologue
Analog Techno
Hip Hop Vault
Mystic Spaces
Raw Ambience
Soul Assembly
The Kit SE Presets
Laser Beams

Find out more how to activate your trial licenses permanently or remove expired licenses."

With buttons after that labeled: “More Details…” and “OK.” The more details button takes you to a page, on the Steinberg website, about uninstalling the listed files. This is not much help as I don’t have the listed files at the suggested location. I don’t have any expired licenses either.

How do I get rid of the dialog so that when I load Nuendo 8 it goes straight to the hub, instead of requiring me to press OK in the dialog?

Right, those are the extras that came with Cubase 10 that are obviously not in Nuendo 8. So I’m assuming those will all be provided in the Nuendo 10 upgrade when it comes out.

As to how to remove the files that are triggering the dialog box, I don’t know, and I’d be curious as well if someone has an answer. I’m on Windows.

My guess is that it’s as easy as finding the folder where your VST Sound installation files are, and removing the corresponding “.vstsound” files. In fact, I might test this right now.

On the other hand, it’s not really a big deal, since it’s one extra click for now and should theoretically be resolved when Nuendo 10 is released.

Perhaps uninstall Cubase 10, seeing as the Nuendo 8 license does not allow it to run anyway?

I definitely already uninstalled Cubase 10, and the vstsounds are still there, along with the dialog prompt when Nuendo 8 starts…

So what I just tested right now was:

  1. Move (or delete) the corresponding vstsounds from the “C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound” folder and restart Nuendo.

  2. Then Nuendo asks “VST Sound Library “so-and-so” not found:” and then click on “Remove” for each one that comes up.

  3. Problem solved! All gone. Plus it’s about 7.5GB of hard drive space freed up.

So as for OSX, I don’t know where your “VST Sound” folder is located, but I’m guessing the process is pretty close to Windows.

Good luck, works fine for me now.

P.S.: These are the files you’ll want to delete or move out of the VST Sound folder:

Thanks. That removing the files worked. I had so many I just couldn’t find them before.