Nuendo 8 Trial Key


If Steinberg folks are reading this, that would be great! :slight_smile:

Is it possible to get Nuendo 8 trial key, for 30 days period? I couldn’t find any info on that … I realize it’s an older version of Nuendo but, I would really like to try without having to buy any eLicence or similar …

I wanted to try Nuendo 10 before buying it, but I noticed that ( only after download and installation ) I would need to buy USB eLicencer to be able to even try Nuendo. That really surprised me as I didn’t expect to pay for the trial. I strongly believe that trial should be free, no matter what. It’s like I would need to pay to try a guitar in a music shop before buying it. Sorry if I don’t understand …

So, can anyone please help me with this (Nuendo 8 trial key)?