Nuendo and 3900X

I have Nuendo 10.3 on Windows 10 Pro.

I recently upgraded to a Ryzen 3900X and am getting dropouts.

Is anyone else having these issues? Is there a solution? Will Nuendo 11 work better with this processor?

It’s best to put your system specs including software versions in your sig so that people can check that (it’s visible by clicking on the name/avatar of the user). And then give a bit more information about the specific scenario.

I have a gen1 Ryzen 7 1700 and have no dropouts.

I have a 3900X and have no problems. It sounds like something else is the issue - how much else did you upgrade?

I’ve updated my profile, also listed below for convenience.

My components are: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, 128 GB Memory, Windows 10 Pro, X570 Taichi, Steinberg AXR4 Thunderbolt Audio interface…

It is a new computer, built from scratch.

Sometimes, when I’m recording, I will get a dropout and the system will go out of record. It doesn’t seem to be related to the buffer size or the amount of plug-ins and virtual instruments, or else I haven’t been able to discern a pattern.

Have you tried recording to different drives? SSD? HD?

Also, is this with a brand new project? I would try with a completely clean project and minimal stuff in it just in case something is corrupted or something weird is going on.

My hard drive is a Rocket plus M.2 SSD so i can 't imagine that this would be the problem. Starting from scratch ojn something sounds like a good plan.

Well looking at specs of course the stated capabilities of that drive probably shouldn’t be a problem, but just because it’s stated to work a certain way doesn’t mean it does. It’s possible, though maybe unlikely, that there is something that makes the drive not perform the way it should in this particular circumstance.

So I’d still try a different drive just in case (in addition to other troubleshooting).

Thanks, that’s a good idea. It’s tricky because the problem is sporadic.

I did set it up to overclock. I wonder if that’s causing issues. The system isn’t overheating.

There’s a software called “HWinfo 64” that monitors key computer stats like CPU speed and temperature and a million other things. You can set that to run in the background and have it log data I think, and you might be able to just work and then simply write down the time when you run into dropouts and then check the log for key metrics. Could be temperature issues or speed issues or whatnot. I know some m.2 SSDs were behaving a bit unpredictably when hot which in turn depends on the case and airflow etc.

Sorry if this is all old news btw, just thinking out loud.

I also have a 3900x on a taichi - no issues.

There is a free tool called “LatencyMon” by Resplendence which you can use to see if any drivers, services, etc. are acting up and long causing interrupts, which will result in audio drop-outs. I suggest you run it for a while and see what it says.

Also, I suggest using the AMD Ryzen High Performance power plan.

On Windows 10, many of these old “performance tweaks” like disabling the paging file and setting processor scheduling to prefer background services are very counter productive - don’t do that. Make sure you DO have a system paging file.

As far as overclocking goes, I suggest you download Ryzen Master, set it to Creator Mode, and be done with it. Anything else on Ryzen will likely result in an unstable system and not really yield any benefits.


Do you stream anything during recording from a 10GBit Network? Large Video Files maybe? 10GBit cards do tend do cause Dropouts when used with a lot of throughput.

3950x, no problems

Thanks to all for your comments. My Rocket 4 plus hard drive had a firmware update available and so did the 3900x so hopefully that will take care of it. I also have a fan for my memory that I need to figure out how to install.

I appreciate the input and at least understand now from others’ experience that the problem doesn’t lie with the processor.

Random thought - you are using a Thunderbolt audio interface - AMD motherboards don’t by default come with Thunderbolt typically, as Thunderbolt is Intel tech. Are you not perhaps using a USB-C port which could be messing up the audio interface?

the problem of audio cuts are due to memory speed. amd 3700x to 3950x processors lose a lot of power and have audio problems if the memory used is not 3600 mhz or 3733. it is not necessary to go further. memory in 4200 mhz could also create problems.
change your memory to 3600 mhz memory and you won’t have any problem. I have the same configuration as you
with memory 3600mhz no dropout

Well this one has a header and then you attach that to an add-in card as far as I understand it, so it should be hard to mess that up.

I’m using a add in Thunderbolt card so that’s not the problem. The memory upgrade to 3600 sounds like a good move.

Thanks for that. I bumped up to 3600 and things are much better.

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