Nuendo and quicktime : a pain...


just a short feedback on my trial experience with Nuendo : just installed it on my computer with 32/64 bits version on Windows 8.1 64.

But impossible to open any video file and i got a dirty silly message telling quicktime isn’t installed (i’ve put it with the latest version of Quicktime installed properly on the screenshot below). I don’t have such bugs with Vegas for example which open directly a lot of my video files without any issues.

For me it’s not souding very pro. I love Cubase but i won’t deal with Nuendo !

Try to re-install Nuendo.

I don’t really know how to respond to a post like this, other than to say that the issue does not lie with Nuendo, which works just fine with Quicktime when properly installed on a properly configured machine. Not very pro, indeed…

As you can see on the screenshot, Quicktime is correctly installed, the player works fine.

Did you actually set up QT to be your playback engine ?
There is a checkbox in preferences for that.

Spend a little time inthere

No, i don’t. And it’s that, you need first to install Quick time. I don’t have any clue that i have to do that i suspect it’s for licencing cost as QT is not free for commercial usage…


My experience has been one of nuisance as well, but I think the blame of Steinberg only extends to the point of them deciding to use Quicktime, and the rest is Apple’s “fault”. Clumsy installation procedures and dependencies aren’t an issue when you’re locked into the Mac ecosystem. But when doing it on a PC it all of a sudden becomes annoying.

I think I read that they’re going to rewrite the video engine, which hopefully puts us in a better place.

Here i don’t see where is the Apple fault. It’s more an Steinberg fault :

. They don’t tell you need quick time as a pre-requierement
. They don’t inform you need to install quick time BEFORE the installation of nuendo
. Nuendo is not capable to detect a later installation of Quicktime (!!?)

I suppose they are some good reason to use Apple quick time engine instead of a custom made one. But it’s annoying to convert each file in order to use it in Nuendo !

Well, from what I can recall it was never unclear to me that I needed QT. Perhaps it was a different experience for me. I also don’t recall that I had to install QT before Nuendo. Maybe that’s what’s necessary and that that’s what I did. I honestly don’t recall.

My point is only that Apple’s management of QT and its installs and dependencies is just super-annoying. I think the biggest complaint I have is that it’s required in the first place. But now we may see something else in the future. And I absolutely hope we can get to a point where we get more seamless exchanges between modern PT and Nuendo, which will for sure require rethinking the video engine.

Well, at the time the quicktime decision was taken there were still MANY codecs that needed to be supported and QT was probably the easiest way for developers to make sure everyone is sticking to the SAME version of that codec.
I remember how the installation of a DVD burning program (NERO) messed up my Windows XP installation so badly, that I could not get motion jpeg files to play on my machine anymore in full screen.
Microsoft had their owen (very messed up) way of deciding wich system component to use when showing a video file. Quicktime offered the opportunity to have cross plattform support with different codecs in a simple “if it plays in Quicktime on your machine” it will probably play on most machines" kind of way (while keeping the need to buy licenses for different codecs low for users and Steinberg)

As technology moves forward things change, and we’ve all had our share of “video engine is not working” bugs in the meantime, but generally speaking I would say it’s now rather solid in Nuendo and once you’ve got things working, you can almost not mess it up later (at least I’ve never managed to do that).
We’ve also got TC burn in and ADR, so I’m happy. You only need to set this up once…[keyword_search]=Video

See also the manual (Help/Documentation/Operation Manual - Page 1100)


From the knowledge base

" If you are using Windows, make sure to have QuickTime installed (v7.1 or higher)"

From the book

“There are two ways to figure out if Nuendo can play back a certain video file:
Open the video file with QuickTime 7.1 or higher, because Nuendo uses QuickTime for playing back video files.

problems may arise when the computer does not have the correct software to decode compressed video and audio streams within the container file”

Nothing deal with the issues written. Usually, when a software is so linked to a dependency, it will install it iself or at least propose the user to install it or lock the install until the user install the requierement…