Nuendo and Windows audio levels calibration

Why is audio level from Nuendo much more quieter then audio level from Windows 11 or anything outside Nuendo like YT videos? I have a simple project at -14 LUFS integrated that is half of what I can normally hear in windows.

I have U-Phoria UMC204HD audio interface with ASIO driver enabled for Nuendo.
I also have simple Control Room setup with volume at 0. All tracks are on 0 (unison).
No dim enabled or headphones in CR. Windows 11 is using the same driver and audio interface with playback at 100%.

I simply don’t get it. Any help, idea, comment?

If your question is about loudness, take a look at this video:

And try, multiband compresor, Squasher, and Raiser plugins.

This video could help too:

I am not sure this is a loudness problem. Probably not. More likely a problem in Windows and audio interface setup, driver, calibration, priority. I have to pump up the volume even if I throw everything on the master channel. I also tried Bitwig demo and got the same problem as Nuendo.
However I have FL Studio and the volume there is loud and crystal clear. Same driver, seme settings. Same for Cubase Pro 12. Loud and crystal clear.


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