Nuendo Audio/Video events

It would be great if we could opt for Nuendo to add another layer to the edit/cut detection tool.

We would really be able to use an Automatic option to “Beat map” to the cut scenes with options for tempo/closest tempo (with prioritization of which is higher priority between the Video cuts and the tempo).

As a part of that, should be able to set it up in preferences (and in that instance to override preferences) linkage to either premaide MIDI files and/or audio files/creation of the aforementioned beatmap to be generated on cuts to auto-generate MIDI notation at frequencies of 1/4 notes, 1/2 notes, 1/16 notes, etc.

Maybe it could even detect non-cuts… like video event sensitivity to range from detecting events on the whole screen, vs events in a segment of the screen (like a ball bouncing around a room) dependent upon sensitivity (AND, perhaps being able to scan support files (like a game’s c# code to find out if there is correlative data to improve accuracy, etc.)

The easier it is to mark visual events, the greater value Nuendo becomes to us, our scheduling, and for many… Bottom Line profitability.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

P.S. - Automatic B.P.M. tooling would be GREAT for us in Video AND audio. :wink: