Nuendo Auditorium Paris?


I’m having more & more needs to find a studio in Paris using nuendo for 5.1 mix.
Anybody here having recommendations ?

I can’t find a proper nuendo / nuage full install. It’s always a mix of protools and nuendo on surface that is not nuage :stuck_out_tongue:
Isn’t there a post with all studio using Nuendo properly listed somewhere ?

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And above all, Steven is a great and very skilled guy.
Nuendo all over the place.



I would have suggested that now. Where Steinberg even links it as a YT video. :grinning:

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looks like it :smiley:
I found them on google but didn’t understood if nuendo was at the center or as an “option” video explains it all.

Hi, I’m Steven Ghouti, one of the founders of Yellow Cab.
First off, thanks Fredo and MAS for recommending us!

We have Nuendo in all our studios, as well as PT. So whatever your need, from Foley recording to Dolby Atmos theatrical mixing, we can probably help you out. Send me a PM if you need to discuss a project.

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