Nuendo & Auto-align Post ARA2

I just tested the beta version of Auto-align POST of soundradix ARA2 version.
It is really very interesting.
But 3 problems appear:

  • crossfades and fades disappear.
  • it creates a new file which loses the name (probably the metadata)
  • and the biggest problem is that the handles of the audio clips disappear…

Do you think it comes from Nuendo, ARA2 or Auto-align.
It’s really shame because for the post work auto-align POST is really fabulous.

soundradix’s response:
"Thanks for your email and report. Unfortunately, These are known issues with Auto-Align Post and other ARA2 plugins in Nuendo. Steinberg is aware of this and we hope it’ll get resolved soon. If you’d like, you can write Steinberg and ask them the fix these issues. "

How did you get that Beta? Is it a public Beta? I would be interested.



It basically works but with some limitations.
Upon enabling the ara extension nuendo bounces the audio events, thus you loose the handles, metadata and dop history.

A workflow may be possible. Say you duplicate the boom and lav tracks, sync the copy with boom as reference and delete the duped boom track.
You now have a synced lav track to the original boom. You loose the handles for the lav’s but still have the original to patch in if needed.

Thanks. That sounds if not perfekt at least promising.
I use ARA for Spectra Layer and it basically the same restriction.


Yes that’s what i thought
I hope we will not be limited in the future.
I also feel that it slowed down Nuendo.
I will continue my tests