Nuendo can't use my comp power

How is it possible ? Nuendo use 40% of cpu end 8Gb of 128 memory
Asio guard full

My guess would be that you have a single threaded plugin that is maxing out. Have a look at the performance tab and change it to show individual logical processors. If you see one that is near maxed out, that’s the issue.

Remember that a CPU’s total power these days is divided between many cores. Generally at least 2 and as many as 24 in desktops (possibly hundreds in servers). Well these cores are something that tasks have to be split up for, they can’t just collaborate with each other on any task. Things have to be broken up in to “threads” and a single thread can only be worked on by a single core at once. So if one thread needs a lot of things done, it could completely load up a core, while still having many cores on your system sitting idle


ASIO guard is not only processing power. It’s more.

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