Nuendo- Computer keyboard recommendations?

I have been using Cubase, then switched to Nuendo for over 20 years on the same Logitech wireless keyboard. The keyboard is finally getting some intermittent issues.
I was thinking of going wired, and I was wondering if anyone here as any recommendations? Maybe a backlit Logitech K845? Logitech G915?

Absolutely love the Logitech MX Keys I use. Backlit as well.

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I have been using a Das Keyboard Prime 13 backlit (white LEDs) wired keyboard for the past few years and love it. It has a convenient USB port on the top-right back side for my Logitech MX Master 3 wireless mouse’s dongle. The only downside is the keyboard takes up two USB-A slots on your computer, due to the extra port.

I am not a fan of mechanical keyboards for the studio, tried tons of them, the switches I actually like are just too noisy even with dampeners, and the “quietest” mechanical switches are not that quiet at all, plus I don’t like the physical feedback on those models. And I absolutely hate membrane switches, so all of those are OUT. I far prefer scissor switches, but good ones are hard to find IMO, and I’ve ordered many for testing to find something I like.

Ultimately, I standardized around Cherry Stream keyboards in my studio, every machine has them now. I love the Cherry SX scissor switches… best scissor switches I’ve used in a long time. Very consistent, have the famous scissor short travel and crispness I prefer. They don’t make a backlit version that I’m aware of though, unfortunately, but the switches make me happy, they are quieter than mechanical switches in general, and higher quality than most other scissor switches I’ve used, far better than any membrane switch, and the physical build of the Cherry Stream scissor keyboards is very good, especially considering the super affordable price. They make various configurations, including TKL layout, which is nice and compact on a cluttered desk. They are not perfect, but if they made a backlit version I would stock them up to cover myself for the next two decades in case they ever stop making them.

Buy MX Keys S Keyboard - Full-Size | Logitech

Especially great if you switch between Windows and MacOS constantly (like me). Also available in black (which I personally don’t like).

Try to Logitech G510s with extra buttons

That’s the one I’ve been using for almost 20 years I think. :slightly_smiling_face:


I liked it so much that I bought 3 more to stock up.
It is also very convenient to use it with the G600 mouse, which has a lot of additional buttons.

I tried different midi controllers, iPads with lemurs, and came to the conclusion that keyboard and mouse are the fastest instruments


I work on all devices with a mechanical Keychron Q6. For Win and Mac. Programmable with backlight.
These are also available with keys that are not so loud. I’ll never give it back.

Thanks everybody for the input.
I ended up buying the Logitech G915. Its pricey but it is fully programmable with different lights and macros.
The keys are excellent, not too noise or clicky perfect response on fast typing or tap tempo.
The construction is aluminium, which feels sturdier and better than plastic. I hope it lasts as long as the previous one.

The programmable lights right in the keys, even one color per key if necessary, is a game changer because I can easily work in the dark, if I am doing certain film projects with clients around.

A4Tech Bloody B820 optical switches - best one of my 23 years experiments!

I just saw the A4Tech Bloody B820 you posted.
Imagine all that, plus 5 G keys, and 3 M keys that are fully programmable, including built in colors. I have now 15 extra useable Macros and actions inside Nuendo, and unlimited loading of Macros or Actions.
It really speeds up the work flow.
The keys feel really good- I chose the Tactile model out of 3 types {Linear and Clicky}.
Expensive but worth it.