Nuendo controlling a light console

Hi everyone,
I use Nuendo to playback tracks live. I was wondering if there was a way that Nuendo can be set up to send MTC or a MIDI trigger to signal cues to a GrandMA lighting console. The GrandMA can be set up to receive MIDI info but I’m not quite sure how to set up Nuendo or if it can be done. I’ve read what what I could find in the manual, and played around with settings but so far have had no luck. Has anyone tried anything like this before?

I think you need a midi controlled GPI box.


Thanks Fredo, I don’t think this is what I need. Let me explain further. We have a live concert, I’m using Nuendo to playback tracks as part of the show. The lighting guy wants to know if Nuendo can send MTC or some kind of trigger to change his lighting cues from song to song. Can that be done?

Yes, easily.
You need to connect a midi interface and send MTC, that’s all.
See the project Synchronization setup/ Midi timecode destinations. And options.


Thanks Fredo, we’ve been playing around with it and that’s how I thought it should be, but no luck so far. It’s probably on the light consoles side. We’ll do some more experimenting today.

Are you sure you want/need MTC to set off lighting cues?

Wouldn’t/couldn’t you program a midi track where you want the cues and use the c/c codes to send specific cues to specific lighting actions?

This would depend upon how the lighting console uses the midi signals, but say you would setup “note on” to control spot lights or lighting cue #1, and note off to control lighting cue #2, etc. This seems more logical and more flexible to me.

I remember that video years ago of the guy who synced his Christmas light display to music and always thought that this was the way he did it. program a midi track to follow the music and use various c/c values to trigger specific lighting combinations.

I would be curious to hear what finally works for you.
Let us know what you find out!


That may be better, Brian thanks! we’re having a heck of a time getting the console to see MIDI. It will chase SMPTE so we may go that route since we’ve got that working.

According to the WikiMA,, the GrandMA doesn’t seem to respond to MTC, but does have basic MIDI input possibilities.

There’s more here:

The best way to control something like this is to use MIDI Show Control (MSC) which has been around for years. This gives you tremendous control over the lighting console, but you need specialised programs to make it happen. There are a number of ways you could achieve this, but I suspect your best bet is the SMPTE option.

MSC has been used in theme parks, theatres and exhibitions and is a simple but effective method of synchronising events.



Thanks John. That’s pretty much what we’ve figured out. It just doesn’t see MTC. We’re going to try SMPTE it does see that so we’re going to give it a go.