Nuendo crash setting up Dolby Atmos External Renderer

Even though the M1 Max has a ton of power, it appeared it did not offer enough RAW processing power for my Atmos projects. Therefore I decided switching over to a Windows-based machine including the new i9-12900k CPU. As it turned out, it blew away the MacBook but a new issue appeared.

Whenever I try to fill in the IP address of my external Dolby Atmos RMU and press enter, Nuendo crashes instantly. I don’t seem to find a way to make it work and it’s driving me nuts. Especially because it connects without any issues via my MacBook or my Ryzen 9 laptop, which both do not offer the I/O and power needed for running the projects glitch-free.

The internal Dolby Atmos renderer works like a charm, however I’m not able to print the mixes in real-time, which is a must-have for the productions.

Thank you all for the help in advance!


Windows 10 Pro (latest version)
Intel i9-12900k
Asus ROG Formula z690
32GB of DDR5 RAM
10GB ethernet