Nuendo crash setting up Dolby Atmos External Renderer

Even though the M1 Max has a ton of power, it appeared it did not offer enough RAW processing power for my Atmos projects. Therefore I decided switching over to a Windows-based machine including the new i9-12900k CPU. As it turned out, it blew away the MacBook but a new issue appeared.

Whenever I try to fill in the IP address of my external Dolby Atmos RMU and press enter, Nuendo crashes instantly. I don’t seem to find a way to make it work and it’s driving me nuts. Especially because it connects without any issues via my MacBook or my Ryzen 9 laptop, which both do not offer the I/O and power needed for running the projects glitch-free.

The internal Dolby Atmos renderer works like a charm, however I’m not able to print the mixes in real-time, which is a must-have for the productions.

Thank you all for the help in advance!


Windows 10 Pro (latest version)
Intel i9-12900k
Asus ROG Formula z690
32GB of DDR5 RAM
10GB ethernet


Were you able to sort this out? Facing the same issue here

Nope! Converted the whole workflow to Auro3D and projecting the 13.1 master on a Dolby Atmos project instead.

That’s sad!

I had it perfectly working on an earlier machine. Got a new one, reinstalled and then this issue persists. Trying to upgrade to N12 and checking now. Will report back.

FYI, This is likely an incompatibility with the M1 chip as Dolby Atmos actually takes very little processing power. Crankin’ away on a 2012 Mac Pro here with plenty of headroom. (I do play it safe and set the DAR to a high buffer setting, though.)

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Actually, the M1 runs the connection without issues. It’s the new i9-12900k machine which is the issue. (And I need the Windows machine as the M1 couldn’t handle the amount of channels and DSP)

Right - I am surprised the M1 Max does not have enough juice and is why I thought perhaps there might be something up the new chip and Nuendo + DAR (I know guys in post pro running the original M1.) Just how many tracks & objects are you using?? Doesn’t seem right… :thinking: