Nuendo crashes when closing. Plugins problem?

Something strange and annoying is happening in my Windows system with Nuendo 12 v12.0.70 build 464.
I use different plugins depending the session and I started to have some strange behaviour in Nuendo. I am only using purchased plugins in VST3 format.
Plugins that work fine in the sessions, crash the system when I close it. So I do not know which one is causing the problem since it works fine during the session.
Other plugins that used to work fine, now they don’t. Mainly I have graphic issues like plugins don’t showing the gui, just an empty white window inside (like DDMF magicdeatheye). Others just open fine and freezes the Nuendo app (like TC 2290 native) and I have to force the app to close.
Very annoying and disturbing in a professional environment.
I attach the plugin report. Any help would be appreciated.

Plug-in report.pdf (112,1 KB)

Procesador 13th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-13900K 3.00 GHz
RAM instalada 64,0 GB (63,7 GB usable)
Windows 11 Pro Versión 22H2

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Attach the DMP file, please.
Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: %userprofile%/Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

If the DMP file has not been created…

Generate a DMP file and share it via Dropbox or similar service, please.

Use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a DMP file, please.

  1. Please download ProcDump64 from Microsoft (~650kB) and extract the archive to a local folder on your harddisk.

  2. Run Command Prompt (cmd) as administrator (right click and select “run as administrator”)

  3. Navigate (in the Command Prompt) to the folder with the extracted procdump file.
    For example:
    cd C:\ Users \ \ Downloads \ Procdump
    Note: the dmp file will be written into that folder.

  4. Launch Cubase/Nuendo. You can work as usual. At any time, change to the command prompt and start procdump, to monitor Cubase/Nuendo for unexpected behavior (see next step).

  5. Launch procdump64 via Command Prompt:
    Cubase 12:
    procdump64 -e -h -t Cubase12

Nuendo 12:
procdump64 -e -h -t Nuendo12

The -h option will write a dmp file in case of an application hang. This might kick in too early sometimes, in case some action takes a little longer. Feel free to skip the “-h” option, if you are only up for fetching crashes.
The option -e will catch exeptions and the option -t terminations of the application.

  1. Prodump is now monitoring the Cubase/Nuendo process and will write a crash log, in case Cubase/Nuendo crashes or hangs. Perform the action that causes Cubase/Nuendo to crash and send us the generated crash dmp.

ZIP and share the DMP file via Dropbox or similar service, please.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the feedback. Here you are the last one that happened.

Thank you

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We also had your problem on 2 PCs every day (crashing by closing) - and then changed the audio interface. Changing the interface solved the problem.
But in your case I would suspect a conflict with the graphics card driver. Try updating the drivers or test/change your graphics card. Maybe you have a graphics card to test.
For example a cheap one Nvidia GT610 for two monitors. Or one that suits your system.
The fact that the GUI is not displayed correctly is probably the problem causing the crash.

Hi THambrecht!
Thank you for the message.
I do not think in my case is a matter of the graphical card. I am using an AMD Radeon RX6650 XT with 8GB Ram and I understand is well enough to handle the 3 monitors.
I am using official Yamaha Nuage system with Yamaha converters via DANTE so I also do not think is a matter of the sound card.
I think in my case is a matter of compatibility of some plugins with the system (of course graphic card could be related but not because is not capable enough to do the job)
Also what is strange is that is happening with some plugins that I have been using before in this same system with no problems.

For us, the Waves plugins cause problems because of licensing. Waves binds the license to the hardware and checks every network drive or Synology NAS and all connected hardware. This causes Nuendo to sometimes crash because the Waves license check needs to much time. But that would be more the case when loading the “first” Waves plugin.

You can perhaps create an empty project and install a few plugins one after the other and save and exit again and again. Then install the next plugin and test again. Should be done in 20 minutes

Waves do not give me any trouble.
Actually, I have some problems with some plugins of a brand and some others of the same brand run well.
Also, I have 398 plugins in total…20 minutes…not really :slight_smile:

But you don’t have all 398 in the same project?
You just have to load maybe 30 different plugins that are in a project that doesn’t work.


The callstack is really short:


This means the crash is in the TC2290 plug-in.

Thank you Martin.
OK. And is there any solution to be able to use that plugin?

ok. Now I understand what you mean. Thank you


Please get in contact with the plug-in developer’s support.