Nuendo Crashes When Moving Video Player to a second Display


I am currently running Nuendo 6 Trial on OSX 10.9.
My system is 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo Laptop (around spring 2010) with 4 GB RAM.

I want to use 2 displays: 1 big external for the Nuendo Project and the small laptop display for video screening - moving the video player over. Yet, whenever I want to move video player on the small laptop display (which I have set to be the secondary display in System Preferences) Nuendo crashes unannounced. No error message what so ever…

I was running Nuendo 4 on 10.7.5 just about 2 weeks ago and everything worked well.
I Imagine the problem might be related to my system?

I would be incredibly thankful for any hint or help.

Quick Note: I have tried this with and without video. Video player always makes Nuendo crash for me as soon as I try to move it over to the secondary screen. It never crashes the system when it is on the primary screen.

Hi, Sabine!
I can’t duplicate your problem here. I have the same system, however I’m still running 10.8.1.
Moving the video to external screen works well here.
What sort of codec is your video using?
Have you connected the display with a VGA, DVI or HDMI adapter?
What version of Quicktime are you using?
It could be any of these reasons, then again it might be an issue with 10.9, but first I would see if using another codec for your video might be the solution.
I’ll run through some tests this evening and see if I can find out anything.
Maybe you should also mail this to Steinberg Support. (To be found in your online user area under “My Support”) They are in general very responsive.

Hi again Sabine!
Well, here’s what I did…
I tried your configuration with 4 Quicktimes with the codecs mp4, H264, DV and AVID DNXHD120, and with an mp4 file containing an mp4 codec.
I connected my second monitor with a VGA and a DVI adapter. I would have tried HDMI as well, but I’m afraid my external monitor doesn’t have a HDMI input.
In all 10 configurations, it worked well over here, so either it’s a problem with the HDMI connector via MiniDisplayPort, if that’s what you’re using, or you’re using some codec I didn’t test, or it really is a Maverics issue, sorry, but I won’t update to Maverics just yet, so I can’t try that, and I can’t imagine it’s because of the .2 GHz less that your processor is clocking.
I hope that helps narrowing down your troubleshoot, I’m afraid that’s all I can do over here.
If it’s a codec issue I recommend using DV for SD and AVID DNXHD120 for HD video, I never had any trouble with those, as opposed to H264, P2 and AVCintra which have both given me quite a lot of grief, though nothing like what you have described.
Lots of luck, I hope you’re successful, and don’t hesitate to use the Steinberg Support channel, they really ARE very helpful!

  • Tom

Hi Tom,

thanks so much for reply and u’r detective work …

I was trying various codecs - Photo-JPEG and another (I cant look up right now cause the video is deleted - ProRes or something like this).

But even WITHOUT any video loaded: moving the empty video player over to the screen which I have set to act as secondary screen will make Nuendo crash.

I have also tested setting screens differently: so if I have set the HDMI connected screen to be the “primary” one and use the laptop as “secondary” I can for instance move the marker window to the little laptop screen. As soon as I touch and move the video player Nuendo crashes. Same if I set the laptop screen as “primary” screen everything will work ok unless I move the video player to the secondary monitor.

So I was thinking it has to do with the video engine in Nuendo and 10.9 and was hoping it was some known issue.
I have the latest Quicktime 10.3 (included in 10.9 as I did a totally clean install of the OS).

Problem is, I cant downgrade to OSX 10.8 cause its not available any more from Apple Downloads.
I have ordered it now, but need to wait until postage arrives and of course backgrading is not ideal.
But I did not have this problem when using 10.7.5 with excactly the same system - so i guess it is operating system related. And just working with 1 monitor is not an option really …

PS : Steinberg support channel ?? where is this? does it cost $$$$? do you have a link?

No, it’s free for registered users.
Simply go to the Steinberg website, click on “My Steinberg” (top right of the page), if you’re not registered there yet do that. Then you click on “My Support” where you’ll find a support form. Under “Type of request” select “Nuendo support request”. That’s all! :slight_smile: