Nuendo / Cubase drops audio driver unexpectedly

This has happened a few times over the past year and I can’t find any consistent reason why. I’ll be working in Nuendo 11 or Cubase 11. I’ll pause playback to do something else, but when I come back it’s as if there’s no audio driver. My UAD Apollo Twin is still selected but there’s no sound. Switching the audio driver to my MacBook Pro’s internal sound doesn’t help, nothing is sounding. The only solution is to quit Nuendo / Cubase and restart. Then all is fine. Sometimes I have to eject the flash drive with my elicenser and then reconnect it. When this happens I cannot see my elicenser listed in the elicenser control panel until I eject and reconnect. If this is a USB issue, would that cause Nuendo / Cubase to stop outputting sound?

My setup:
2017 MacBook Pro I7, 2.7 Quadcore
Big Sur 11.6.5
Nuendo 11.0.41
Cubase 11.0.41
UAD Apollo Twin
Software version # 9.15.1 (latest)

Any and all suggestions/help are greatly appreciated!

Ted Perlman

I think that has something to do with power saving settings.

I have them all disabled as far as I know.

Maybe disconnect the hardware, clean the connectors a bit, and reconnect?

Sometimes it is the physical connections that get wonky. Same with the USB stuff.

Thanks but I don’t think that’s it. Nuendo still sees the Apollo hardware as being present, it just doesn’t play any sound through it. Nuendo usually freezes up immediately. My gut instinct tells me that it’s a elicenser or USB bus issue. I don’t know, it’s annoying and confusing.

If it’s an eLicenser issue, you will get a licence notification about the missing licence immediately.
I still think it’s related to the power save modes… maybe a system update changed something in there…

Where would that be on the Mac? I used to be great at disabling that stuff in Windows. I knew how to disable power management on USB hubs, kbds, mice, hard drives, etc. But the only thing I see like that on my Mac is under “Battery”, where I already have every power saving option disabled when on the power adapter. Is there a “secret place” that I have to dig for to find?

I have no idea where this is on the MAC.
I had the same symptoms on my Apollo Twin USB as it were new… in the end I changed the power settings and the problems were gone.

Maybe a new driver helped as well, back in the years.


I appreciate your help. Those recommendations re the ones I already know about. Maybe Steinberg can chirp in here with a suggestion?