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this is my first post here. I am doing music recording as a hobby, so I am sorry, if my questions seem to be a bit “stupid” :wink: for some. I was able to get a Yamaha NIO500 for a good price and I am tryin to set up everything with Dante. Also I have a Lynx Hilo, which I would like to use as a Dante knob.

In the Dante Controller everything is showing up:
Windows PC

But unfortunately Nuendo does not recognize the interface.
I am also using the Audiante Soundcard plus a network switch.

Nuendo is showing me the Soundcard as an interface.

I am not sure, if the problem is with Nuendo or with routing in Dante Controller etc…

Thanks so much for your support,


Nuendo won’t see the NIO, it will see the Dante soundcard. Your connections to the NIO need to be done through the Dante controller matrix. Outputs from the Dante soundcard to the NIO inputs and outputs from the NIO to the inputs of the soundcard.

If Nuendo is seeing your Dante soundcard that is correct so if you’re not getting any signals into the NIO from your PC (or vice-versa) it’s likely a routing issue within the Dante Controller matrix by the sound of it.

It sounds like the NIO is showing up fine in Dante Controller so double check your matrix (the green ticks in the routing table).

I had to learn Dante routing all myself (in a 3 NIO system) so have done quite a bit of trouble shooting - feel free to PM me if you wish.

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Hi, good to know :blush:. Thanks for your help, I will write you a PM, if you don’t mind the next days, as I need to integrate two Dante knots (NIO & HILO). Thanks again.


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Dante is a great thing to be using, but it is not easy for first time users.
They do have a YouTube channel.

Basically, you have:

Audio interface >>> Dante Controller Software.
Your Computer >>> Dante virtual Soundcard.

The Dante Controller software is your “hub” where all interfaces and computers connected to your switch are seen, and configured. Including the sample rate, and which ins go to which outs.

Once this is set up, you get:

Dante Virtual Soundcard (in Nuendo it should say “Dante Virtual Soundcard” as the audio driver.
Goes through the Dante Controller
Your audio interface

It takes a bit to get used to setting it up. But once you learn it, it becomes easy.

Thanks @noeqplease for your reply! I appreciate it.
I was able to set up the NIO500 & to record in Nuendo :blush:, but I was not able to integrate the HILO with a Dante Card, though it showed up once in the Dante Controller, but not today. Anyway, I will try to watch some videos.

Update: The Hilo showed up, I tried to connect it without the NIO500. That worked fine, but the Laptop showed an error in the Dante Controller. And I was not able to get an audio signal into the Hilo. “Subscription unresolved” showed up (yellow exclamation mark). As I am not allowed to write PM, I will try to solve the problem that way…Thank you!

This can happen when you re-label Dante channels after a subscription is set. Just unsubscribe an subscribe again. That most of the times solves these problems. Also check the latency settings of all devices. There should be a common latency setting over all devices (thats not mandatory, but for me a kind of best practice… you do not run into problems that often). Best thing for small networks like that is to not st any ip adresses manually.
Check which device is set as clock master. Dante automatically chooses the best suited clock master, but it could be not the ideal machine for your purposes. I would choose the Hilo or the NIO, not the Soundcard to be the master, because you might switch off the computer, but not the NIO or the Hilo. Therefore the master stays and there won’t be another shootout who should be the new master. You can set a preferred master in the Dante Controller.
Oh, and make sure everything is clocked through the Dante network to begin with. If you have an external clock source you can use that (“Enable Sync to External”) and then choose this device to be the master for all other devices in your network.

Thats what I can think of to consider this mornig without having a coffee, yet.

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