Nuendo does not open

Hi everyone!

I have some very serious issues with my Nuendo. It doesn’t open all of a sudden. It keeps hanging on VST 2x plugin manager and than it just disappears. Did anyone else encounter this issue? I can open Nuendo with ‘deactivate all third party plug-ins’ but then all my plugins are gone.

I know I cant’t trust Steinberg support because there are still some open tickets from a couple of years ago, so I hope anyone else can help me.


That’s most likely one broken VST-DLL (in case you’re on Windows). Hunt it down by hiding the VSTs from Nuendo before launching it.

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Thanks for your reaction! But, does a VST break all of a sudden? I didn’t change anything the last months and it worked fine until now.

Huh … things break. Might be a preference written by a plug-in itself, an update of anything suddenly coming into Nuendo’s way, or just bad luck. If it just happens once you’re lucky anyway. :wink:

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