NUENDO - Field recorder ISO tracks import

Hi, after about 13 years on Protools, I decided to give a chance to Nuendo. But missing really important feature.

After seeing some promo video, I was hoping that “Field recorder audio import” will do that same or better than in Protools.

But for Video postproduction is that feature quite useless.

What we’re often doing is to conform all ISO tracks (Boom, lavs etc.) from mixtrack, which came in AAF from video-editor. In protools it works like that: You create one track, where you put mixdowns events (clips), that you need to expand. Then you select the folder with original audio with ISO, and DAW will find by (metadata AND timecode) the matching files and place it belong the mixdown tracks.

The Nuendo “Field recorder import” is almost there. But it is not placing files on new tracks by origin timecode (WHY???) but from begining. So it’s useless. And would be fine, if it can do it not one by one, but hole track.

It’s sad, because this feature is for most postproduction workes like MUST and will be good reason to not crossgrade from PT.

I don’t use the function myself, but have you checked posts by ErikG or Fredo? I’m guessing they have experience with it and you could check with them just to see you aren’t missing something.

Hi, so after some time I did some tests. As I thought, it is working only when your editor exports AAF with all audio option. (it means that you need to transfer all WAVs data from location) Then it can reconform mixdowns tracks to your ISOs. Because the timecode coresponds.

Trouble is, that normal way how we are working. (At least here in Czech) is, that the editor is exporting AAF only with handles. (ie. 150 frames) which is enough to sound postproduction. And then the “field recorder feature” should look at origin timecode value. (as Protools) and insert the ISOs to these original timecodes.

It’s pitty because here in Czech 98% Sound postpro is working in PT, so if you’re not, they’re blaming you, all technical troubles is causing that you’re not using “standard” PT solution. That’s why I’m still comparing features PT <-> Nuendo.

Does anybody here know, how is working the feature requests? Does it pay off to write somwhere my opinion on how to improve this feature?