Nuendo Forces Realtime Bounce

Even if I choose Batch Export and channel stereo out 2, then solo it (so there is no channel bounce connected with any stereo out 1 output) even though Nuendo is treated as if it play through the channels with external plugins. Why?

That was a bit hard to read. Did you mean:

  • You have a project with external effects
  • The external effects only get routed to “stereo out 1”
  • The external effects are NOT included in the signal chain of “stereo out 2”

And when selecting “stereo out 2” as the source for audio mixdown it will only do realtime even though the external effect routing isn’t used?

If so, maybe double check and make sure those effects aren’t included in the signal path of “stereo out 2” even though they might not be audible (i.e. routed but muted or something like that).

that’s right

Yes answer for all question
I chcecked it many times, it’s not connected, and Neuendo still want to bounce realtime only…

The same here. Since 6.04 in 64 Bit there is only realtime export. It doesn’t matter if I check it or not. In 32 Bit it works.

Can anyone else confirm this in 6.0.4? I don’t want to update to this and have the damn thing not work non-realtime.

Is this only for projects using external effects or for any project?

Non-Realtime exports works fine here on 6.04.
I do not use external FX.

Thanks for the info!


anyone else who can confirm/reproduce this behaviour?


AFAIK this has always been like that.
As soon as the “External Effects” plugin is used within the project, only realtime bounce/export is possible.
Makes sense, because the application can’t possibly know when/if the external process need to kick in. Or not.
There simply is no “analyzing” algo that first checks if the external effect is within the audio path or not.

Unless I misunderstood the question …

Yes, it would be nice if somehow Nuendo could be told that the externals aren’t being used.
Would be great not to have to unload them to get faster then realtime exports.

Not a show stopper but…