Nuendo freezes when listening - mixing - tracking

Hello All,

I have a legacy system that has worked flawlessly for many years (Nuendo with WK Audio ID Control).

Recently the screen starting locking up intermittently. The trackball and mouse functions stop working and I have to do a forced shutdown.

I restart the computer with no problem. I could sit idly on the desktop for days…no problem …but I launch Nuendo and start working and it locks up in a few minutes or so.

Any ideas what to try to help me?

Thanks in advance!

There is another thread on a freezing issue:

Are your symptoms similar?

Thanks I read that thread too. My issue is it locks up and won’t function even after several minutes. It starts to have a high pitched squeal and pegs the meters on my Central Station.

This is an old XP system that we have kept offline since new in 2006 (so no auto updates).

Which version of Nuendo are you talking about?
Does Nuendo crash immediately on startup? (Have you ever tried running Nuendo in Safe Mode?)