Nuendo hangs when closing a project

Nuendo hangs when closing a project. Not always, only if a project is open for a long time. The same project if closed short after loaded has no issues. Since projects are used often for longer time sessions I’ve always to force quit Nunedo, always.
I’m on a macbook pro with OS Sierra and I use often Spitfire Audio plugs within Kontakt.
Fortunately Nuendo hangs only by closing the project not affecting my work in a serious manner. But it would be fine to find a solution. In the next few weeks I need to replace my mac with a new one. I’m curios to see if this issue persist on my new system with new OS Catalina.

You are not the only one, it happens to many of us.
It’s intermittent too, which makes it worse.

Steinberg blames plugins almost always, for any crashes.

Just as a note, I find that if any other “window” is open, that is when I get a hang (such as channel or video).

This is an old and sadly known Mac issue.

… which happens with Windows, too.

Yes it does, and daily for me.
It defines the love-hate relationship with Steinberg.

I was having issues with Nuendo hanging on close but only after the project had been open for sometime and for me it was a plugin causing the issue. Without it there was no problem but I didn’t suspect it at first as it still worked fine while working on the project.

Drives me crazy. Looking into Task Manager much of the time ‘Protected Object Server’ is listed as being active as Nuendo is hanging after closing a project. Is it something to do with an eLicencer check?

Working on a project tracking today with very few plugins as I’m tracking. Moving between songs hangs causing me to End Tasks in Taskmanager and restarting Nuendo to regain control.