Nuendo in 23

Any thoughts on what users expect to see in a new version of Nuendo for 2023.

I really hope the next version focuses on general workflow improvements/enhancements , bug fixes, and all around modernizing the DAW. New huge features are always fun to see, but I know a lot of people would agree a lot of time its the smaller things that need focus to create the best experience.


I expect to see many users complaining about it being the worst version ever. Completely unusable on their systems. You know, just like every other release :blush: .


I really like N12 and don’t need more features. Well maybe one small one: an lfo that can modulate parameters inside nuendo (mixconsole, plugins, etc). And not the current midi lfo, that one is not delivering enough. And maybe real XOR solo :slight_smile:
However, i’d love to see consistent keycommand implementation: example> Open a fade editor window and close it with the same key combination.
And bug fixes! Love bug fixes!

There is so much I would need. For example, when naming events, a variable in the naming list for exporting in certain folder paths.
Likewise, the editor for naming events could be a bit more comfortable.
And ripple edit.
I would also like it if different colored markers in the marker list are in the same font color. Makes sense if you have a lot of markers.
I would also like to be able to attach comments to clips that are attached to the clip as a small window.

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I like NUENDO 12 very much as it is, but would appreciate not having to constantly close/open plug-in windows when changing tracks. When selecting a new track, the corresponding channel strip or instrument should pop up (maybe in a frame). Other DAWs offer this function for years. I would also like the GUI of the instruments and effects to be resizable. SOLO/MUTE tracks by simply holding down the mouse button and hovering over the S/M buttons. For me, it is such improvements in the workflow that bring a DAW to the next level. But all in all, I love NUENDO.


I only have one request: Have it control my coffee maker. :wink:

It would good to be able to use UAD plugins in native mode for those who have M1 processors.



I’d like to see a complete revamped Expression Map system, maybe something like Atlas 2 way of showing various kinds of files in a new way for Media Bay, better cpu management, file size reduction for larger template saving, more bug fixes, some more Game Audio Music focused features and some more exciting surprises maybe incorporating AI…of course we also want things like Halion 7, Groove Agent, Padshop 3, and others updated too :). Lets put that eLicenser to rest!

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I’d like to echo this input from nogills. Nuendo is at risk to ‘die in complexity’ because with each version things are being added with the purpose of improving workflows. The reality is the opposite: Nuendo is becoming a monster of features where each and every user in avg. maybe uses 30% of the software. 30% both in regards to ‘functional sections’ but also in regard to ‘functional depth’ of the provided functionalities. The 70% rest is disturbing and distracting complexity.

Digitalisation in ProAV means that users drown in complexity, because functionality is added at an incredible pace but most manufacturers only see their own product, not the entire environment and workflow of their users and customers. Nuendo is just a tool within an anyway complex workflow, not the centre of the universe.

Best examples:

  • Key commands. An (endless) list of commands where overview has become impossible. Still (and this is really weird) very basic cmds are even missing in this list (hor. scrolling).

A true macro language with some parameters and logic could actually simplify the structure:
SET MARKER (X) where x is a number added to the cmd in the macro editor. This replaces 9 lines in the command list by one. (and there are many like that)
SET MARKER (input box) opens a box and asks the user for a value. (and so on).

And again:
Tidy up the whole START/STOP and back and forth transport preference settings and finally add a simple standard PAUSE cmd. It is frustrating to see, that these basics are not in the focus.

I’d like to use the other yet undiscovered 70% but the time in my life is limited. And unfortunately I have to spend it with digging myself through a jungle of accumulated complications. If it doesn’t become easier to encompass the value and the features of the software then they aren’t really of value. Real satisfaction feels different. I have actually stopped to upgrade.

A proposal for Nuendo software design: You can add new features after you have made existing functionality easier and more intuitive. This requires to think with the hat of your users, not with your own ‘deep expert’ view. (I have been Product Manager for software products myself)

Sorry if this is perceived as harsh, just trying to be honest.


For me it is exactly the opposite. I want the plugin windows to stay open when I switch tracks.
Because I’m working on the bass limiter, for example, while I’m tweaking the guitar equalizer at the same time. To adapt both instruments to each other.

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Would love to see some work done on video export, so being able to choose audio quality, video compression etc. General improvement to the layout. Lots of wasted space currently and having to click multiple times to get in and out of things. Would love rendered VST to automatically have the name of the track that’s rendered - simple things like this make a big difference when you work with software every day.


There’s always tension between cleaning up tech-debt (aka bug fixing, consistency, hardware support, aging components) and new features. The key is balance. Unfortunately Apple and M1 has exerted a huge tech-debt investment at the cost of many other other things. Thanks Apple! If it wasn’t for M1 many more bugs may have been fixed between new features.

But back on topic:

Some of the rough edges could be worked around if the macros would allow conditions. In fact, that semi exists in the oft forgotten project logical editor. But while you can map ‘apply preset’ to a keyboard shortcut, I don’t think you can map a specific preset to a keyboard short cut.

If I could create a single keyboard shortcut for this example:
a) if track is muted, show it
b) if track is muted and inside collapsed folder, expand the folder
c) if track is not muted, hide it

That would allow me to quickly check if I had a left-over muted track hiding somewhere. I don’t want to use ‘unmute all’, but also don’t want to dig through every folder in 200+ tracks (ever rendered a 2hr timeline and then discover an fx missing you know is in there?).

Right now that can be done with 3 separate project logical editor presets I have to open in the editor and apply one at a time.

Would be easy enough for me to do if there were conditionals in macros. Or if project logical editor could be chained and assigned to keyboard short cuts. Those two features seem to overlap quite a bit and scream for some consolidation.

Just a basic example. I’m sure we all have a list of things that could be fixed that way.

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Also to a feature I’m missing: proper source file TC support.

I sometimes have to manually conform extra audio into a film mix. I know the source TC of the audio clip where it needs to start, and I know where in the timeline it needs to start. But Nuendo only shows the time offset in the file in the info line. There’s no read-out of source TC. In PT you can configure it so it shows you the source TC in the event name that corresponds to the current event start in your timeline. Super helpful when you have to stitch things together after the initial conform.

Is that what you mean?


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Not quite, for two reasons:

It shows you the TC of the beginning of the file. That’s helpful to a certain extent, but for conforms what you really need is the TC at the beginning of the event, which will different.

Let’s say the file starts at 15:21:34:13, but the event in your timeline is 3s into the recording, the TC for the event start is really 15:21:37:13. That value in the info line never changes if you trim your event.

As a result, I can’t easily trim the event in order to hit a specific start frame. I could do the math on my TC calculator between the TC I need, that origin time, come out to it’s 3s, and then trim the event until the offset value in the status lines reads 3s, and hope I don’t get a rounding error. That’s a lot of steps.

Which is the second point, that origin displays fractions of a second, not frame number. Again extra hassle.

In PT that value is actually not in a status line, but an option you can add to the event title. You can in Nuendo add that Origin time as well, but as described above, it doesn’t reference the event start, it references the file start.
Screen Shot 2023-01-20 at 1.08.47 PM

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Hello, we need many feature to switch completly on nuendo:

A faster way to curve the fades on the event ( directly on the even)

A better way to select multi events on the same track. I’d like to select an area and have all events inside selected.

A clip gain line to edit the gain faster. I know that you can edit with the pen tool but you can’t select an area and Lower its volume faster like pro tools or studio one.

A way to freeze until a plugin we selected ( protools and Luna do it)

A faster scroll bar reactivity when we click on an empty area. There is a latency to go to the cursor ( in video mode)

We also need to have tracks group on the arrangement view. Not only on the mixer view.

I also think one problem is that everyone works differently and does completely different jobs. Therefore, one often wants the opposite of what the other wants.
So it’s not that easy to please everyone.

That’s possible. If you click with the mouse you can draw a box around events and they all get selected. You may have to be in the combo selection mode which splits the track into range and event selection. So you need to click in the bottom half of the track.

Also there you can use shift + cursor to add to your current selection, and there is a unmapped command to select current to end/beginning.

(dragged from bottom right, works across tracks)

With the above selection, that’s totally possible. Select multiple events on a track, then drag the top-center clip gain up/down and it changes it for all selected events.

And as a bonus, if you keep the pool open, there’s a function to select all events of a specific pool item, and then you can change the clip gain all of them with a single pen stroke.