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Back on track what could we realistically see in Nuendo some of the ideas sound possible but maybe not all are practical.
I would like to see increased Atmos integration simplified setup for beds and channels also refined integration with Dolby Atmos Bridge also a less cluttered Gui interface within the software

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Our job is to be users - not developers. To reveal what we want even if we don’t know whether or not our wishes/needs can be met. Let it be Steinberg’s job to disappoint us if they have to - instead of ours to never hope for anything.

I can’t see any reason why there needs to be a price on this forum for expressing hope/optimism - the same price an economist pays for being the only one who says there won’t be a recession - or the price that the IT administrator paid fifteen years ago - or even now? - for recommending something other than Microsoft products (who is then made to wear the blame every time even the tiniest thing goes wrong).

For the “home of dialogue” it would be nice to have all metadata in mxf (aaf) files, so we can finaly see all the track names for tallents that were inputed in field recorders… Just saying.

DOP preview POST CLIP GAIN pleaseeee

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At the low end here … most of my work involves ’sorting out’ a mess of imported audio elements so that tracks make sense and it’s easier to manage bussing/stems. In fact it’s not unknown to me that this takes longer than the mix!!!

So I want project organizational tools.

1: Have Track “Role “ names next to the track name ( a column) for Dialog, FX, Music etc

2: Be able sort track order by Track Name , Track Role etc

3: Right click on an Event and have Move To … command and a list of Tracks to select a destination. Obviously this doesn’t move audio in the time domain! Please don’t suggest dragging or cut/ paste… I know how to do it currently and it can go wrong too easily.

4: Have tracks that are Mono / Stereo/ Multichannel agnostic and be able to activate / deactivate streams in an event with. Context selection.

5: Have the DOP panel in the lower zone always visible if I want.

Although it gets a bad rap I have actually done my last projects just using the built in tools of Final Cut Pro ( X … yes the video editor ) and I have to say that once the audio intricacies are fully understood it is way faster to get to Mix . It clearly isn’t for the surround, Atmos, autoconform , MIDI , projects ( and it isn’t going to import OMF/AAF ) but some of the ways it presents audio and then sorts it is ingenious.

The Voice Isolation tool is miraculous…consistently beats out every other NR tool I have ( many ), almost no artifacting even at full intensity

Ok I’m off topic now.

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I think this is mostly solved by properly naming tracks in a template.

I get that you want to have organisational tools but most are already possible. In addition to what @MattiasNYC said

If you have a template (in which you import the tracks) than you can also have folders.
So you won’t need to sort because you can simply drag them in a folder. (Use track search to find them).

This already possible, i have a macro for it. Search the manual (and the forum too).

However. Point 4 and 5 sound very useful!

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As others have pointed out, already doable. I mapped mine to F12. Select event(s), select destination track, hit F12. Only downside over PT up/down keyboard shortcuts is that I usually need the mouse to select target track. I think adding PT style up/down would be a nice option so you can stay on keyboard, but there are more important wishlist items.

That would certainly be nice. It does create some complications with the panners. You already can drag mismatched events on tracks, but the channel mapping can get screwed up in some combinations. I think that is easily solvable and kept clean with a good template.

That said, it would be nice if you could change the channel count of existing track. That way, if I had a mono fx track, and now needed a stereo companion for some other library material, I wouldn’t have to set it up from scratch, but could duplicate the mono track, inheriting all plugins and routings, and then just change it to stereo.

Along that line, actually a command to duplicate a track without data. I have a macro setup for that, but it seems wasteful to first copy all those events to then throw them away. So many gaps in Nuendo have been patched with macros, which is fine, but it just goes against the grain how backwards some of these macros have to work

Maybe just allow all the different editors to be dockable at the bottom. Not just DOP but markers, automation are obvious other candidates.

I would love to be able to embed markers in exported WAVs. Having to go via Reaper to add markers is a colossal PITA.

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Just a philosophical note to the ( quire correct ) responses that some suggestion can be achieved with macros or building templates or multi step workarounds.

I think a better user experience could be achieved by surfacing such action as easily accessible single click options. No need for new users ( especially new ones … think students) to have to churn trying to work out how do something the software can clearly do .

Every click / keystroke saved adds up over the course of an edit.

Oh and while I only suggested the idea of ‘Roles’ tagging in a per Track context, the real power comes when it’s done per Event. Then the users could do processing, bussing, timeline arrangement etc by Role.

I’ve used it in another app … it works.

Now that Dolby Atmos has been integrated into Nuendo, the next logical step would be to move to an object-based approach (like Sequoia).

Does REAPER store them in the wave header? Because that seems to be what WaveLab does. So it should be possible to integrate this into Nuendo too. :innocent: