Nuendo INSIDE session

Dear forum members,

thanks very much to your contribution to the recent Nuendo INSIDE session.
As Thorsten from the Planning Deparment mentioned, you have raised many
valuable points and suggestions, which help us to further develop Nuendo
and make the program ready for future. Together with feedback from other
resources, the results of Nuendo INSIDE will have a direct impact on the further
planning steps for Nuendo.

The next session will be online in May.
Thanks again to everyone who has participated, much appreciated.


I have a question:

Other than “Nuendo Inside”, how do you get user opinions about what changes they wish to see in Nuendo?

I’m asking because:

  1. I haven’t received any other request for information. No emails, no phone calls… nothing.

  2. There’s about 15 people posting in the section. I’m not sure how one would calculate the weight of the opinions of 15 people. But my personal opinion is that it’s a VERY small sample (or is the userbase by now THAT small?).

Hello Lydiot,

thanks for your questions. Of course, Nuendo INSIDE is not the only source we’re
getting information from :slight_smile:

Although the user base is by far too big to be in contact with everyone, we’re talking
with many users on a regular basis, doing surveys occasionally, receiving feedback from
users on trade shows (such as NAMM, AES) and of course, I can be contacted via PM.

Today, phone calls and email blasts are not without problems as many clients feel
harassed by “marketing calls” and such actions. That’s not a strategy we’re pursuing.

Nuendo INSIDE enables forum users to give comments on very specific topics. These comments
are compared to others we’ve received in various communications with customers. Sometimes,
these comments exactly confirm a rough idea we already had, sometimes new ideas are
coming up. Rather than being a scientific, representative tool for the entire userbase, Nuendo
INSIDE is a pool of ideas that can help to develop the further direction of Nuendo and to get
an impression about the opinion of our valued forum members. All this has an influence on
the further technical development of Nuendo.


Ok. Thanks for your reply.

I’ll just mention then that my personal experience with changes to Nuendo as a result of user feedback has been mediocre. This goes from AES interaction to meetings with Ondo to other meets, as well as phone / email conversations with US people.

If you now focus on the one topic you think deserves focus the risk is missing out on a bunch of other stuff (assuming the official presence here is as it looks). There are issues that are larger than any one individual feature and those won’t come to your attention at all through “Nuendo Inside”.

I just can’t sense what direction this product and Steinberg is heading in…


Nuendo is going the post-production direction, I think that’s no secrect.
Be sure that when decisions are made (regarding features), we always
involve all relevant guys and the respective market feedback.


I don’t think you’re getting my point.

Will Nuendo always have the complete feature set of Cubase?

What concerns me is Timo’s comment “Nuendo is going the post-production direction”. We also know Steinberg’s way of doing things is not always what we expect and what they deem Post vs Music Tools. If they plan on dropping cubase functionality from Nuendo, I will be pissed for I do mostly music production. I use Nuendo for the routing, automation, and extended marker functionality.

So, Timo, will Nuendo users continue to have the complete feature set of Cubase?

Hi Tom,

it is planned that the Cubase features will be available in Nuendo further on.


The next session will be online in May.

did i miss it?!

Nope. It never happened :confused:

Hi Timo.

What does that mean?
As someone else already said, I use Nuendo for Music - and will not buy Cubase.
Why? Because it is like Nuendo Lite and does not work with my ID console either.
Nuendo was always supposed to have ALL cubase features plus additional Post features.
Having stuff added “further on” on the app that is almost £2,000 against one that is less than 25% of that seems to me to be daft.
Why is it not possible to merge both apps into one, with one development team, and what you get access to depends on what is on your dongle? Right now, it is just too confusing for most people.