Nuendo keeps crashing when auditioning sounds Mediabay

Hello fellow Nuendo users

Im running Nuendo 10.3 on Mac and when auditioning the various samples drum samples etc in the media bay, it keeps crashing.

I have tried it on my late 2013 MacBook Pro i7 quad, 8 gig Ram, and my old Mac Pro 3.1, 2 x 3.2 gig Xeon processors, 20 Gig ram. Project settings 24bit 96k. Maybe its time to upgrade my computer to a new Ryzen build.

Same thing- it crashes regardless of me running the project whilst auditioning sounds or not . Its really slowing down my workflow. I have attached a crash report. Please help as this is ridiculous.

Kindest Regards

Nuendo 10.3_2020-10-16-193426_davinders-Mac-Pro.crash (133 KB)

I’m without I clue, so probably my hint below will be useless, but a while ago my 2 systems 100% crashed after a plugin scan.
After a while and with some help I found out this happened because of some instruments-plugins which were located in a wrong location, or even in 2 locations, which confused Nuendo.

I am not sure how to read a crash report, but (I think that) yours tells us your computer is quite busy with GrooveAgentSE?
Maybe there lies the culprit?
What happens if you let Nuendo scan your plugins? Does Nuendo return a list as it should? I mean; are there no issues like I experienced earlier this year?

I hope you can trace the issue.
Good luck.

Niek/ Amsterdam.