Nuendo Live 2 can't record through TF Rack

I just recently install Nuendo Live 2.

It can playback all of my recorded multitrack audio. But can’t record any audio.

It is still fine with Nuendo Live 1 with the same setting.

What have I done wrong?

Patching? If it works in nuendo 1 then it seems your signal flow is correct at least. You need to provide more info.

I don’t know the TF to be honest, I only use CL/QL when it comes to Yammies.

been trying here and there. Nuendo live 2, works fine with Yamaha TF Rack through Windows… so its not working only with Mac. And now, im upgrading to Catalina… even the Nuendo Live 1 now experiencing the same, can’t record anything, no audio input.