Nuendo Live 2 not getting signal from any sound card!

So I got Nuendo Live 2 bundled with the TF1. After installing it, I went to setting and changed the ASIO driver to yamaha. But when start recording, there is no signal at all coming in, therefore no audio was recorded. So I thought it was the driver. but when I changed the ASIO driver, to built in audio, the same thing happens. So I tried to plugin all my other sound cards, but its the same problem. What I thought is weird is that, Nuendo Live 2 can recognize the ASIO drivers, but was not able to capture the audio input. When I tried it on my other computer running OS X Mojave, it worked fine. Is this an issue with the OS? I am currently running OS X Catalina (10.15.3) now.

Same with me, now happened twice.

I have Nuendo Live 1, and Nuendo Live 2. Using Yamaha TF-Rack

Nuendo Live 1 work fine with Mojave
Nuendo Live 2 did not receiving any audio input with Mojave, so I go back with Nuendo Live 1

Now I’m upgrading to Catalina, and now Nuendo Live 1 also not working, no audio input