NUENDO Live 3 / CubasePro12 and Sonoma 14.1

shame on me, but it happened: both my studio Macs (Mac book Pro /I Mac)
have been updated to Sonoma.

Nuendo Live showed the known graphic problems, which are solved after updating Sonoma 14.0 to 14.1
Cubas Pro had no graphic problems,

but BOTH machines work now only for editing ,
…I can NOT record !!!

The moment I activate a track for recording ,
bad digital noise pop up in an evenly rhythm (like a metronome)
and the signal is visible in the meters (yellow to red level)

Is there someone facing the same problem ?

As I have to do some job, preparing a performance in 14 days,
it seems I have to go back to OS Ventura at least on one of the Macs ?

P.S.: it seems that Cubase Pro13 will be not yet ready for Sonoma when it’s launched ???

As Steinberg is “Testing”, I believe that any upgrades on Cubase 12 and Nuendo Live3 will not be ready in November…

Anyone knows better ?

Are you on apple silicon?


Make sure Cubase has enabled Mic in the System Preferences, please.
Open macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone. Enable Cubase here.

Be aware, that Cubase 13, Nuendo 12, and Nuendo Live are officially not supported on macOS Sonoma yet.

thanks, but that did not cause the problem.

graphic problems on both programs has been solved after updating to Sonoma 14.1#
the noise shots on recording open channels have been solved after installed the latest Steinberg/Yamaha USB driver which was released last October :-). (my interface is a DM3)

  • my macs are still Intel based


Cubase 13 is officially compatible with macOS Sonoma, now.

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Great News, I´ll update today !
Can we expect an Update for Nuendo Live3 as well (to be smooth on Sonoma) ?