Nuendo Live 3 poor export options

Hi all, does the tech people or support team read the forum post or is it only for user.
Otherwise I have to write support team.

I think for a really good recording software, the export function is really poor.
Our workflow is as following, we recording a live session of music.
In between, if someone talks to introduce the artist we stop the recording and starting again right now before the next act.
All this works really fine, never had problems or lost something.

Now it comes to export in case we record on a Mac without any software except the ones to record.
After the show we like to go trough and we like to select wich songs or acts we like to export to work on our mixing computer.

I can’t see any solution to handle this with nuendo live 3.
The only solution is to find the audio file and move the whole content to the mixing Mac.
Why is there no solution to mark in the recording the tracks and with the cycler the area to export the tracks from this area to a aaf file which contains also the wav files.
Or let it pack in to a zip file.
That would be fine.
Any idea for a better solution?
Think its not a big deal to make abetter export experience…