Nuendo Live and MTC

Hello I need to record VIA Nuendo Live and Yamaha CL5 a show that will be sending me TOD timecode from video. I have tried to turn on MTC in Nuendo and connect MTC but there is no connection available. What am I missing here? Is a sync unit needed or?

You need to be able to receive either SMPTE or MTC from the master source, into Nuendo. for that, you will need either a Sync unit, like this one:

Or for MTC a Midi input. Hardware. Does your Nuendo Live rig have Midi input?

I have always preferred SMPTE and black burst sync to just MTC, it is far more accurate.

Hi thanks for the response I have Nuendo Live that I interface to a Yamaha CL5 console. The console itself does have midi ports on it. I’m not sure what the video crew will be sending me for a TOD connection yet. The protocol for recording is that I need to have TOD recorded to the files to send out for post mixing with video. The other part of this is I need to run a second computer to do a back up record. I can get it all working on the Dante network just having problems with the MTC part.

Sorry, but what is “TOD”? Time Of Day? If so that is typically SMPTE code, not MTC.

Yes Time of Day so needing to get time of day SMTE to work with MTC in Nuendo live so that the TOD is stamped to the session.