Nuendo Live Transport Control (...or lack thereof)

Some time ago I was using a midi translator to convert MMC into qwerty keyboard input. It’s not the most elegant or confidence inspiring solution, but it did enable control of Nuendo Live’s transport functions, track arming etc. from the mixing console.

I’m wondering if anyone (who isn’t a CL/QL series owner) has devised other methods for controlling Nuendo Live? Are there others who share my loathing of having a laptop or a computer screen in your face while you are mixing? I would have thought some form of generic transport control would be a given in a program with the sole purpose of being a professional recording device?

I don’t really understand it and I’ve never worked with Nuendo Live. But doesn’t it work with a regular DAW controller like the Steinberg CC121 or Presonus Faderport or Behringer X-Touch One? A small PC keyboard would also work for controlling transport.

Hi THambrecht, thanks for being the only one game to reply!

A PC keyboard could be set up as a rudimentary controller, but I would be replacing dedicated controls that I already have right in front of me, with ones that are far less easy to navigate. I’m not sure about the others you mentioned. I would think, given there is no provision for MIDI in Nuendo Live, that it would be unlikely.

Nuendo Live can read and write MTC, presumably embedded in a BWF, but from what I can tell, there is no capability to respond to SysEx or CC.

On the other hand both Nuendo (full version) and Cubase have extensive MMC functions that enable transport control, track arming, marker positioning, punch in/out and so on… The control facilities on both are, if not exhaustive at very least, extensive.

Having to mess about with a keyboard or a mouse using Nuendo Live, let alone finding a place to mount them, plus a laptop or a screen, doesn’t come close to replacing dedicated controls that are already at your fingertips in the master section of most decently equiped consoles.

For me its this one thing that renders Nuendo Live useless. Despite not being as reliable as Nuendo Live, Cubase or Nuendo will at least allow me to operate them remotely from the console.

Its either that or find a tape operator! It just seems an enormous shortcoming with the program and I’m wondering if anyone else is in the same boat?

I am not familiar with Nuendo Live. I only read on the website that the remote control was designed via consoles from the CL, TF and QL series and can therefore be fully controlled. In principle, this is the software for these controllers.
We digitize sound carriers and also make live recordings over several tracks 24 hours a day. But we use the normal Cubase for this, but edit it in Nuendo.