Nuendo Live & Yamaha CL1


I have two questions.

I am setting up the Yamaha CL1 console and the RIO device with Nuendo Live running on a PC in a small network just connecting them without a switch.

First we got everything working with recording and playback and all was fine, but we managed to screw things up a little when we tried to figure out how we could get the CL1 to control the Nuendo Live(master/slave sort of thing) and changed the IP settings…because we thought there was some ip settings that weren`t correct. We are not IP wise, so have that in mind. :slight_smile:

Currently we can see the PC and the RIO listed in the device list, but not the CL1.

So my questions are:

  1. Can you recommend an ip setting for the three devices (ip address/gateway adress) ?
  2. Are there any installs we need to run or how can we proceed with regards to the master/slave setup?