Nuendo locking up while mixing-listening-tracking

Hello All,

I have a legacy system that has worked flawlessly for many years (Nuendo with WK Audio ID Control).

Recently the screen starting locking up intermittently. The trackball and mouse functions stop working and I have to do a forced shutdown.

I restart the computer with no problem. I could sit idly on the desktop for days…no problem …but I launch Nuendo and start working and it locks up in a few minutes or so.

Any ideas what to try to help me?

Thanks in advance!

Hi skabeeb,

In order for anyone to be able to help you, it would be nice to know what your system specs are, which version of Nuendo, etc.

Does this locking occur with other programs?


I’m not at the studio right now but it’s a tried and true version maybe Nuendo 6 running two UAD 1 cards with a Hammerfall RME card on XP. I know it’s crazy but with the WK ID control we kept this machine completely offline and working perfectly.

The WK ID was made in Germany specifically for Nuendo and I have the original disc to reload the drivers for the ID. My fear is that WK went out of business years ago and I’d be sunk without the board.

I’m wondering if I may have a video card that needs updated drivers. There have been zero mods to the system and this issue just popped up…only Nuendo.

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