Nuendo lost all preferences on startup this morning

I received the prompt to ‘Register’ once again on startup this morning (I’m long already registered) and once loaded the software is all defaulted to factory for preferences. Saw it several times with Cubase before going to Nuendo.

Why does this happen? It’s very time-consuming now to get preferences back to how they were.

Can’t say precisely, but I suppose something prevented Nuendo from seeing the User Settings Folder.

Including that folder in your backup strategy would allow you to restore it with a minimum of fuss.

I think that suggests that the problem is with seeing the folder as Steve said, or writing to it. Either way a computer problem it seems.

Next time you quit / shut down make sure that everything is quitting/shutting ‘cleanly’ and nothing is lingering while the computer shuts off.

PS: Put computer setup and software in your sig.

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You don’t say which platform you’re running… but if you’re on a Mac, this could easily be a corrupted permissions issue, fixable with Disk Utility, or better, Onyx (Titanium Software out of France, free).

When stuff like this has happened with my rig I restore the whole prefs folder from a known good date with Time Machine (after running Onyx).

Maybe PC familiar users might be able to help you with this sort of thing if that’s what you’re using…


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Thankyou all. Your suggestion that Nuendo may no have had access to the pref files must have been the cause. On shutdown and restart of the software it picked up the preferences again like nothing ever happened. And this afternoon after a restart of the software it has done the same. Strange!

I’m Windows 10 and Nuendo 11.0.30.

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