Nuendo menu with new mac pro

Hi all. Just started noticing an issue regarding Nuendo and some new mac pro machines.

We have a large project (two hours long, around 500 tracks, about 20,000+ files) that was built on Nuendo 6. We upgraded to 6.5. On the older mac pros (the silver towers) we’re good. However, the same project on two separate trashcans has displayed a strange pulldown menu behavior. When we click on File or some other menu item at the top of the screen the cursor will go to beachball for a few seconds, then the menu will pop down.

This only seems to be happening on the new mac pro trashcans and so far only with this large show.


Darren ‘Beach Ball’ Ingram


It seems to be something with external drives. With the new mac pros, I have to work off external Thunderbolt SSD drives. When I put trim enabling software from Cindori called Trim Enabler, the problem on both machines went away.


Darren “Neat and Trimmed” Ingram

Hey Darren,
I’m on PC right now with nuendo 6.5 and really keen to make the switch to the mac pro trashcan.

It’s really hard to find any kind of reviews of how stable 6.5 is on the trashcan macs. I plan to run my sessions on a 30tb Areca thunderbolt 2 box.

Alls I seem to read is crashing problems with yosemite etc.

Are you on mavericks?, do you find nuendo to run well on your trashcans?, Is the performance comparable to nuendo on a PC (seems that PC’s tend to run nuendo a little better then mac) i’m not worried if it’s a small percentage difference. But just want to make sure making the switch to mac is going to be stable and solid. I use a lot of isotope RX, and they hit my CPU to the point where I cannot even render some songs, they are really heavy hitters.

Anyways, any advice on this would be great, sorry to hi jack your thread, but it’s nice to speak to others on the trashcan.

Hi Laddie. I don’t have any experience with Nuendo on PC so maybe someone else can chime in on that.

As far as Yosemite, I believe Steinberg came straight out and said do not use Nuendo on Yosemite yet.

I’m on Mavericks and I tried to give myself as much headroom as possible so I got an 8 core system running 3ghz processors. I also threw 64 gigs of RAM into it.

I have to say that the performance I am getting is very impressive. Since these seem to be designed for external drives for production, I’d say do some extra reading and make sure you get some drives that can really shovel. Don’t just get something designed to put your pictures on.

Once I got up and running, Nuendo seems to be very smooth, at least for me. I’ve been working on a large project for several days - 332 tracks, 13000 plus audio files, 466 gigs of data, 2 plus hours long - and it’s not given me any problems at all. I will say that it’s quite a bit faster than the other macs I’ve had. My previous machine was a 12 core system, 3ghz chips I believe, and 32 gigs of RAM and this trashcan is noticeably snappier in all aspects from startup, to loading a project, to processing. So, for me at least, the processors truly are the real deal.

I only use Izotope RX for spot restoration, I don’t really use it as an insert, so I can’t say how it’ll behave on that.

But as far as the trashcan is concerned, I really like the speed. The i/o ports on the side are a mixed bag for me, and I realized that I didn’t get a CD/DVD burner until after I got the machine.

Those are my impressions so far.


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