Nuendo missing all VST3 plugins on first load without a system restart each morning Windows 10

This may be caused by a recent Windows 10 update. I’m not certain but nothing else in the system changed.

Every day for the past 2 weeks when I load Nuendo after first system boot of the day and load a project it will be missing all VST3 plugins.
Closing Nuendo and starting the process again does not fix this.

Restarting the computer and then restarting Nuendo seems to allow all projects to load without a problem. I cant figure out why sttarting again after initial boot seems to clear the problem.

Anyone see this recently with Windows?

Starting Windows is different than reboot… Normally, Windows doesn’t turn itself off… just a deep power save state to enable fast system starts.
This causes problems from time to time, that gets fixed with a reboot.