Nuendo mixing for 3D audio?

Hi. I use Nuendo mostly for broadcast or theatrical mixing duties. I’d like to use it’s tools with music… specifically, I’d like to take surround formatted music and present it in a 3D audio format (I score films occasionally and make lots of ambient electronic things for myself). YouTube seems to have a thriving audience for 3D sound…
Haven’t used any tools for games, and mostly familiar with using Nuendo in a standard 6 channel setup. so where do I start? Any reading, links, tips, manual references, etc? Anything appreciated.

Hi Joe,

this is also what I am looking for. Had recently a trial version of Nuendo and tried out a couple of things. Here a couple of notes of what I experienced.

But it is more of a hobby than profession. My goal was to create 3D-Audio mixes and play them on Auro3D or Dolby Atmos Home Theater Systems. Another idea (!) in my head is to use it for live synths and/or EDM events.

All in all, 3D-Audio mixing for various 3D speaker layouts is possible. Some minor and (for me) a few major limitations are there. The VST-Multipanner, including its automation, works quite nice to position or pan audio or instrument tracks within 3D space. Exporting the mix to individual wave-tracks works easy.

Various 3D Speaker layouts are available. But they cannot be modified. Available is e.g. Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 or 7.1.4; or Auro 9.1, 10.1 (not 11.1 or 12.1 with side surround speakers); plus some very special ones. It goes up to 22.2.

You can see the available layouts, when opening Audio Connections and add a bus. Just look through the menu. Speaker positioning for these layouts becomes visible after having set up an audio bus in 3D and assign and open the VST-Multipanner.

Playing the sounds in my studio setup works quite nice. My PC has two 8-ch sound cards and use for them Asio4All. This allows to assign each speaker of e.g. a 7.1.4 output bus to a particular speaker.

Had found (but not tried) a couple of VST-Plugins in the internet. Some are Reverb in 3D. Others sound, as if you can freely position your speakers. Still have to see, when to try them out.

The story ended for me so far when trying to generate audio files from the 7.1.4 exports. For that, you need either the Dolby Production Suite (MacOs only) or the Dolby Master Suite plus some RMU (quite pricy). For Auro3D, there is also a plugin available (MacOs only) and from what I understand it is also ProTools-Only.

Had then tried out a ProTools trial with the Dolby Production Suite and a “small” soft-RMU. Is all MacOs only. Since my old MacBook is not strong enough, I stopped this for the time being.

For both, Dolby and Auro, it looks as if this is definitely targeted more for the pros in this world and not a toy for ambitioned amateurs.

Hope, this gives you some insight.

There is also some but not very much information in the Nuendo manual. It is about setting up 3D-buses and how to use the VST Multipanner.

Other than that, there is not really much on this to be found in the Internet. Youtube has some short videos on using Dolby Atmos with Nuendo and Nuage, or some few videos on ProTools and Dolby Atmos. The rest is … trying and experimenting. :wink:

Would be glad to also find more information on this for amateurs.



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That’s one of the most comprehensive books on that topic:


… it helped me quite a bit to grasp the concepts when I planned my 3D audio control room. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the recommendation. Going to check this one out!

Interesting book. Also… interested that it references multichannel and 3D audio. Having mixed surround for years, I never thought of 3D audio (binaural headphone experience) as being related to multichannel surround.

I guess my op is more aligned with… what are the tools in Nuendo for creating and delivering 3D headphone audio? I see the Amisonics plugins but dont have any hands on experience.

Here is what I’ve read…

First attempt at setting up the bus and using the panner was… awkward. Anyone have links to videos or tutorials?