Nuendo Mouse Wheel Scroll -- smoothness and speed

The mouse wheel scroll is pretty much unusable – overly fast (so very limited precision) and jumpy (so visually hard to follow).
I compared with Bitwig (which has beautiful smooth scrolling). If I set up 5 measures on the screen, in Nuendo the smallest scroll wheel movement moves the screen 1 measure.

In Bitwig, the smallest scroll wheel movement moves the mouse 1/16th of a measure. Much more precise and easier to navigate.

Bitwig also responds to the mouse wheel more smoothly. In Nuendo, the screen moves in jumps, not in a smooth movement.

Similar issue with vertical scroll – the movement is too fast and jumpy to be useful – and also zoom (slightly less bad with zoom but still not great).

Curiously, if you place the cursor over the scroll bar and roll the scroll wheel, the speed is much better, about 4 times slower than when the cursor is on the screen. (But it’s still a little jumpy, not as smooth as Bitwig.) But obviously you can’t really work that way – moving your cursor to aim at the tiny scrollwheel and then moving it back to where you’re working.

Is there any chance of improving the mouse scrolling? My scroll wheel works beautifully on literally all the other programs I use except Nuendo.

Just to add – there are similar issues with two-finger scrolling on the touchpad. The screen jumps, rather than moving smoothly, and moves way too fast for precision navigation.

Mac or Windows?

On Mac, I’ve long used a Logitech mouse with tillable scroll wheel, the tilt scrolls Nuendo sideways and the wheel scrolls up/down. It needs to be set up in Mac System prefs, and there is also a Logitech app which enables fine adjustment of the parameters.

I also use an Apple Magic Trackpad which allows 2-finger scrolling in both dimensions. I dearly wish Steinberg would enable pinch-zooming from the trackpad though, it’s available on Logic and other Apple apps (FCPX)

Sorry I don’t know how all this relates on Windows.

I’m on Windows. The scroll wheel works, it’s just that the response to it is too fast and jumpy so it’s harder to be accurate navigating.

I tried the system adjustments for the mouse. They didn’t seem to make much difference. And the jumpiness is unique to Nuendo – I have smooth scrolling at a comfortable speed in all other apps.

The two-finger gestures work in Windows, but, also, jumpier and too fast. In Windows the pinch zoom works fine for horizontal zoom. But again, the movement is in jumps, not in smooth movements.

I sent videos comparing Bitwig and Nuendo to support and was told the behavior I’m getting is not a bug, it’s just the way Nuendo works, so I’m hoping they can improve it in a future upgrade. I’ve gotten very spoiled by Bitwig, where the mouse and touch response is, as they say, like butter!