Nuendo multi-user license

I’m running in my studio 4 licenses of N11, 1 of Cubase Pro 10.5 and 1 of N12. I read about a multi-user licencia will be available. Is any new about it?


Hello the multi license means you can install run and use 3 license on multiple devices. Like nuendo 12 , cubase 12, and dorico 4. Just them allowed now.
3 multiple license of every this software available same time.

I don’t think so. Steinberg talked about there’ll be available multi-licenses for enterprises like dubbing studios for example, where you need several simultaneous Nuendo users. The 3 installations now allowed are only for 1 user if I understood.

Thanks anyway.

Hi Viktor_K,

that is not correct. The current account-based license means, that one single user can activate their license onto three computers, and use it only on one at a time. You are not allowed to “share” your license with other users.

The multi-user license we are still working on, will enable one license to be shared by different users on one same computer! On the other hand, we are also working on a multi-seat license for studios, schools or institutions with many workstations and many licenses of the same product.
Unfortunately there’s not much to say about these two models, besides that they aren’t available yet but they’re next on our to-do list.

More information about this development will follow soon.

All the best,


Hi, Luis.

If I cross-grade to Nuendo 12 from Cubase 12 pro, can I replace/activate all three licenses? I activated all three available licenses on three different computers already. I wonder the cross-grade replace only one of the three Cubase 12 pro licenses or all three.

Thank you.