NUENDO NEK: Preset selector in MIDI-track: visual feedback?

Dear Cubase-users, I work on Nuendo+NEK, and my fellow Nuendo-users couldn’t find an answer to the following question, maybe you can help?

Is it possible in Nuendo + NEK to get visual feedback in the Preset Selector of a MIDI-track (in the MIDI-tracks’ inspector of the arrange window) after one has changed a device’s program from another (remote) controller than Nuendo itself?

I use an old synth as an external sound source and usually I use Nuendo to change its preset. But sometimes I use program changes from another controller, or just the preset selector on the synth itself to change its preset…….I’d like to have that reflected in the preset-selector in the inspector of that particular midi-track in Nuendo’s Arrange Window…….I know exactly to set-up all the midi-“feedback”-commands but there seems to be no function in Nuendo to display the actual status……

Anyone thinks it’s possible?
Thanks for any help on this.

Niek/ Amsterdam.