Nuendo on Windows 10 Pro with Slate Digital MTi2/Raven?

Good afternoon,

I was wondering if there’s any information about whether any one has been able to get Slate Digital’s MTi2 with Raven/V-Control Pro to run properly with Nuendo on Windows 10 Pro.

I currently run Nuendo 10.3 on Windows 10 Pro (14 Core Intel Processor/ 128 Gb Ram) and the Raven software has never run properly. It’s had issues from Raven’s Internal Mixer not re-aligning properly to Nuendo’s Mixer when switching Nuendo from the Arrange window to the Mix Window, to Raven randomly not loading and also causing Nuendo to crash, and also the Raven software not properly re-installing after multiple instances where I was suggested by Slate Digital’s tech support to re-install for various fixes and updates, etc. I’ve had multiple discussions with Slated Digital’s tech support that have not yet fixed any of the issues.

If any of you have been able to make this setup work:

  1. What are the steps I have to follow to make this work on my system?
  2. What version of Nuendo do I need to make it work?
  3. What version of the Raven software do I need to make it work?
  4. Is there a specific process of installing the Raven software other than just double clicking the link provided by Slat Digital?

This might be an old discussion resurrected, but I haven’t yet found anyone to answer these 4 questions to help me get this running.

Thank you,