Nuendo over cubase?

Hi Guys. Im new to Nuendo but am a long time cubase user. Recently I have started doing some audio post production for a friend who makes short videos and was wondering if I should move over to nuendo for these tasks. I mean its pretty simple stuff, voice over, music, background fx etc. But i was wondering if Nuendo has some features that are much better for this than cubase 10.5/11 or so - and if so would it be worth my while getting Nuendo as well?

Thanks for the help in advance!

Long time Cubase and Nuendo user here, and from what you describe in your post I would suggest that Cubase Pro should suffice.

If you want all options available then Nuendo is it. If you need to save money, and a few less Vsts and features, then Cubase.

I do music and sound design for games, and presently use Dorico for scoring and Cubase for stemming, looking at Nuendo for mastering and sound design. Working with the trial version, Perforce integration is nice, we’d ideally not use Wwise, I’d love Unreal engine integration, and there’s a lot of audio to cut scenes that I need to do (e.g. video). Thoughts?

Also - is there a grace period right now if I go ahead and get a license for 10?

yes - you will get 11 when it is released next week

I’ve done what you are looking to do - I used Cubase 9.5 & 10 for a few film/tv projects then switched to Nuendo because I thought it would be a better workflow. I’ve spent more time on these forums since I switched to Nuendo 10.3 looking for resolutions to it’s awful performance compared to Cubase. (mac mini i7 3.2, 64 gig ram, focusrite red4pre, blackmagic multidock) Now my best shot is to pay Steinberg more $$$ or switch to another daw. If your projects can pay for a Nuendo licence & you keep your Cubase license, don’t hesitate. Otherwise, if it’s stable, stick with Cubase until you know you need Nuendo.

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Thanks drakuhluh. Yes I’d be keeping my Cubase license for sure. So far the Nuendo trial has been disappointing. The much vaunted Perforce integration utterly fails. One it requires a non ssl depot - so I created a temp ‘in the clear’ depot to test. And then it fails to connect falsely complaining about a password. Frustrating. Further the Wwise integration is not useful. What about fmod? Unreal Engine? We aren’t using Wwise, and many don’t due to their onerous licensing.

I’m still evaluating however, and I’ll take a look at 11, maybe things are better.

I’m interested to know the exact feature set for Nuendo 11 when it is (apparently) released later this week. For now though: after having used Nuendo as one of my main platforms from some time now, it would seem that Cubase 11 is more suited & have been using that again more recently.

As far as I can see, all Nuendo now offers is Dolby Atmos and VR production - neither of which I use at all. C11 doesn’t provide LUFS normalisation, but I do that in Wavelab anyway. There’s the dialogue thing in N11, but no big deal really.

So yes, for the first time I don’t really see the point or expense of N11 & this seems to have moved rather strongly away from C11 & which now provides a good range of tools, including for for roundtripping from DaVinci Resolve, 5.1 surround etc. We shall see, but for now N11 would appear to serve more rarified workflows that I have no need for.


If the VCA bug isn’t fixed, I’m not interested. Yes, I know, I can place a node manually at the start of the track, but yeah… It should just work and I need it to be as automatic as Pro Tools’ VCA functionality is. It’s integral to my workflow and one of PT’s strengths. Oh, and the EUCON thing. I’d love for that to work smoothly, but I won’t hold my breath on it.


Why is the Wwise integration not useful? It is used by many large game studios. The integration with Unreal has been on our list, but there always needs to be 2 parties to get this going…same goes for Fmod…
Nuendo 11 will support integration with CRI Middleware. Also, GameAudioConnect is available as a dev kit, which means that even propitiatory engines can be connected to Nuendo.

Thanks for checking @TimoWildenhain - Wwise is great - if you use it. Not everybody does, particularly small indies for whom the licensing is expensive. In the game industry there’s been a big shift to indie developers such as myself and my team. As you know tooling is huge in games, and the tooling industry has really turned towards supporting the smaller teams, in this case supporting fmod (which recently changed their licensing terms), and supporting Unreal engine directly would be helpful to smaller teams.

At any rate I’ve been evaluating Nuendo 10 for our workflow and have been unable to get Perforce to work, even to start. I’m concerned that the Perforce integration just supports the drag and drop, and not in project integration like other tools (e.g. Unreal’s Perforce integration in the content browser). Also I’m concerned about ssl support.

I see you added to your reply that GameAudioConnect has a dev kit? That’s helpful! We can build our own, do you have a link? Oddly doing any searching for Nuendo comes up with little, including about a dev kit.

If you have used Cubase then Nuendo is not that far out there. But there is a learning curve nonetheless. But that’s just my experience. And I went the other way around.

Well, Perforce should definitely work, maybe there’s some weird bug or issue. We can have a look if you like. Perforce integration is being used by a couple of companies actively, even though not all GameAudioConnect users use it regularly. We’ve made some attempts and had discussions with Epic in the past, but their audio team was very small back then and it seemed like they had other things to fix/priorities. As I said, it is rather not on Nuendo’s side to implement this functionality, everything is available as a dev kit. May I ask you to email at: with subject line “GameAudioConnect” to receive more information on the GameAudioConnect dev kit, in case you’re interested.

Thanks @TimoWildenhain.

On Perforce, one issue is that a ssl connection seemingly isn’t supported, there’s another thread here on the issue for another user having the same issue. I can find the thread or you can check, it was recently updated in the last week. So what I did was I created a non ssl server to check, but then it’s complaining about my user password, which is definitely correct. We are all on Windows, but the music production is still on Mac so that may be an issue, and my trial license is already used so I can’t test on Windows, maybe if you could issue me a temp license to check on a Windows computer that would be a good check.

The Dev kit sounds great, I’ll send an email - thanks!

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