Nuendo owners run Cubase?


Wouldn’t it seem that owners of a Nuendo License should be able to run Cubase too? ( using the Nuendo dongle )

Even if just to check for bugs across the products.


It’s been asked many, many times.
Yes, it would make sense to have it.
No, the devs so far aren’t going for it. Buying into the flaghip product seemingly doesn’t allow you to run lesser (updated) versions, because they have a different name.
It’s been the frustration of many over the years.

What is the advantage of Cubase over the, now, full version of Nuendo?
Is it because of the earlier implemented new stuff?

If you could run Cubase using your Nuendo license, you would only be able to run the versions of Cubase released before that Nuendo version. That’s mostly pointless.

That probably should not be stated as an absolute. Who knows what changes are coming with/post the promised functionality alignment at the end of May and beyond.

How would you know that that would be the only way to run it?

Look, to me it’s quite simple: Some users are paying for the premium package (Nuendo) which includes all Cubase features up until version X. For the sake of discussion we can completely ignore just what version X is and just call it 9. Nuendo version Y will correspond to that Cubase v9. Again, it’s of absolutely no relevance what we call that Nuendo version. Let’s just call it 9 too.

So, all that would need to happen is for Steinberg to sell a Nuendo 9 license before Nuendo 9 is released, which then would allow the user to run Cubase 9. Thus the “leapfrogging” issue would be partially solved. That Nuendo 8 user that bought a v9 license could start using Cubase 9 once it’s released, and throughout it’s cycle.

Heck, it’d even give Steinberg money sooner!

Hmm. Don’t really see that happening. Arguably, Nuendo is an audio post application and Cubase is for music production. If you follow along those lines, you could also demand a Illustrator license from Adobe if you buy Photoshop, after all, both programs are only there for drawing, right?

Does Illustrator include all of the Photoshop features, or does Photoshop include or all of the Illustrator features? If the answer to both is “no” then your comparison doesn’t really apply.

Just saying that’s the reasoning behind it. And of course, it’s their call to make, so the discussion is academic.
I’d be all for releasing the Cubase licence to Nuendo owners, as I own both products that would save me some money on updates, but I really doubt that will ever happen.

Just as frustrating is those of us that are primarily Cubase users. I would like to pay an “upgrade” fee and have access to Nuendo, but I’m sure not willing to give up Cubase for that!

lol-of course with the Adobe model, you get a great discount by owning both Photoshop AND Illustrator, whereas Steinberg makes you buy both at Retail price if you want both.

But to be honest, I don’t really understand the issue here.
I own Cubase, Nuendo and an Adobe Creative Cloud account. And compared to the Cubase and Nuendo updates, the CC account makes by far the biggest dent in my annual profit margin.
Not that I’m complaining about any of it. I get amazing software that I love using for a very reasonable price in all three cases.
And in the end, it’s all just business expenses anyhow, at least for me.

If only we didn’t have to actually pay for our business expenses, regardless of the writeoffs we get. :smiley:

Ok, but the objection is why you should pay twice for the same set of functions if you don’t need to run two instances at the same time.