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Deal all,

I just bought a Nuendo 12 Pro, after installation the plugins are not activate, as i am new on this world i would like to know if i need to purchase it separately or Nuendo 12 has those plugins included “Groove Agent, Hallion 6, Sonic and so on” recalling that during the installation it clearly states what are recommended and what are optional?

I search for tutorial but none related to this matter.

Can you please help me?


The titles you mention are commercial products that you must buy. the The versions that are included with Nuendo are not the full versions, and have “SE” appended to their names.

Find them like this:

  • Open the Steinberg Download Assistant.

  • Go to the Nuendo section, select Nuendo 12

The software listed here is included with Nuendo

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Many thanks Steve for your response, however, on my Steinberg Assistant i have SpectraLayers, HaLion, Groov Agent, Retrologue, Padshop and others as recommended, on my understanding those are the software that comes with Nuendo 12 and are recommended for installation, isn’t it?


You should only install the plugins and content shown in that window from your screenshot. Anything else isn’t going to work unless you purchase a license.

They should appear automatically next time you start up Nuendo. If they don’t, go to Studio > VST Plug-in Manager and click Rescan All to the top right.

To add an Instrument Track, right click the track list, or use the VSTi tab found in the Right Zone.

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Still not working.

Steinberger not answering my ticket

Try to add an Instrument Track, and click the following:

Do you really not see any VST instruments here?