Nuendo presets backup

Hi guys,

For years ive been using Nuendo 4.3.0 and soon I may have to move to a more current version due to computer issues.
I am slowly starting to back up all my old songs etc but I have a question regarding the “save preset” function from within Nuendo itself, im referring to the save preset box that nuendo has on each window header whenever you open a soft synth, track editor, etc. Im not referring to any save functions that a plugin may have inside of its own GUI.
If I am to simply drag a Nuendo song folder ( that contains the audio, images and edits folders) to my back up drive, do I also need to copy over any nuendo presets I have saved? Im guessing the presets are saved in another location and not in the song folder that Nuendo creates initially?
Usually if I save a plugins synth patch via its own GUI I can select where I want it saved and normally i just create a folder within the Song folder so when I backup the song folder I know the presets I made are also there.



The preset is not part of the project, but the settings itself is part of the project. So once you open the project on other computer, the settings will remain.