Nuendo Projects open in Cubase??

I will be upgrading my studio computer in January and will also be moving from Nuendo 5.1 to Cubase 7.5. I no longer feel Nuendo is the platform for me.

The big question I have is will my Nuendo Projects easily open up in Cubase?
I don’t want to have to export files and create new ones on Cubase. I am wanting to know will Cubase recognize the file and open it?



Shouldn’t be any problem.


Confirmed. I’ve opened a few Nuendo 5.5.6 projects into Cubase 7.5, no problem. The mixer needs to be configured, but then it’s a very different mixer in Cubase.

When you go to save the project you have the option to continue to save it as a Nuendo project, or as a Cubase project.

This is on Mac BTW, but Windows should be the same.

Thank you very much! This is exactly what I wanted to know.

You sir…ROCK!

Cubase…here I come!

It’s definitely not an issue.
For various reasons I have been bouncing projects from CXubase > Nuendo & back again, and the only thing that ever really needs doing are sorting the mixer when going from C7/N6 to N5 (one click gets things right).