Nuendo projects to Cubase6

I just purchased Cubase 6 Artist for my Mac.

I have a lot of Nuendo 4 project files from recording at another studio. It seems like I can’t open Nuendo 4.3.0 files on Cubase 6…

I thought I could save all the nuendo files as .cpr from nuendo but seems like I can’t do that either lol

Do you have any recommendation as to how I should move all these files into Cubase?

Thank you in advance

Sigh… Am I going to have to export individual track one by one on each project?

Is there a way to bounce all the tracks without individually drawing silence to the beginning of the project for each track so everything is in sync??

Darn it…! Looks like you just missed out, buying Cubase ARTIST 6… (one dot in a sea of ticks…!)

Can you afford an upgrade to full C6.? Maybe you could get access to Cubase Studio 5 too…? Ok, longshot, but there you’d be in luck.! The chart says, open your N4 project in that, save, then you should be ok to open in CA6… Yes, agreed - a little convoluted and a bit of a shame no support in CA6 for loading N4 projects.


PS:- presumably you’re saying you’ll need to go back to the N4 session to get exports of individual files…? If its any consolation, that might not be such a task. Try doing that from ProTools and I’ll show you t-e-d-i-o-u-s…

Hmmm… I’m passing projects from C6 to Nuendo 4.3 and back again all the time here - I wonder why you can’t do it?

Ahh - just seen you’re using Artist - that must be it. Sorry.

If you have to take each track individually, here’s how I do it. Very quick and safe. You will need to open the original N4 projects though?

First copy each project to a new location. Next, put all the tracks in record and record a short section before the start of the song from a convenient point - a bar line is ideal. (You can prob draw an empty audio part instead of record, but I like to record)

Select All. Bounce Selection. (make sure the tracks are titled with their contents, as the new files will be carry the same names.

In the Pool, remove unused files to trash. Empty Trash.

The Audio folder should now only contain the new files, which all start at the same point and can be imported to any DAW. It is worth checking in your Audio folder because often there are extra files which should not be there (Empty Trash is a bit buggy in this respect). They are usually Size 0kb. Delete these.

Ahh Puma, Yea… I was thinking about spending a bit more to just get the full version. Especially after I found out I can’t use plug-ins to do freezetime edits!


thanks for the instruction I think I’ll give it a try. BUT just wondering - I haven’t used my 30 day Cubase6 Trial yet. Suppose I do try it out, you said I can open Nuendo 4.3.0 .npr’s on Cubase 6, right?
So you think it’d be possible for me open them on Cubase6 during my trial period and do ‘Save As’ and save it as .cpr?

Worth a try…