Nuendo Recording Issue - Cracks on the recording

Hi together,
we installed Nuendo 10 at our studio for dubbing recordings, because it nice features like the ADR Manager, Taker System etc.
Unfortunately we always get little cracks (like internet dropouts if you record via Session Link / Source Connect) and we can’t find the bug in Nuendo. Did anyone had the same problem?
If I record the exact same way into Pro Tools (on the same iMac) everything sounds fine.

I’m thankful for any help! :slight_smile:

Is the IO buffer the same in Pro Tools and Nuendo? Or is it smaller in Nuendo?

If you can, match the buffer settings and try again, see if it helps.

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yeah already tried this out. Even with a higher buffer i get those cracks in my recordings. :confused:

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You might want to switch to VST CONNECT PRO for remote recording with Nuendo. Since they are both from the same company, that should solve the problem. Granted, this SHOULDN’T be an issue. But in the interest of getting right to a solution, that seems the fastest with the highest rate of certainty.

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Hi Keyplayer,

thank you for this idea, but this won’t solve my problem. As I explained the cracks SOUND like dropouts in Session Link recordings, but they appear in recordings which are not remote, We record driectly in our studio.

Are you using the same exact audio hardware drivers for both Pro Tools and Nuendo?
You never mention this, nor which hardware you are using with both DAWs. Hard to pinpoint an issue with nearly zero info on your setup.

The reason I mention this is that I stopped using Pro Tools because of similar issues with their CORE AUDIO drivers, as opposed to their own proprietary driver they use only with Pro Tools, which are less buggy than that CORE AUDIO driver they provide.



Yes, Hardware Setup & Core Drive are the same.
We are using a MOTU 16 AVB Audio Interface as Hardware. I didn’T mention this befor, because I was assuming a bug or wrong preferences in Nuendo, as the issue only appears in this DAW.