Nuendo resets custom Quick Control names on project restart


I want to set up some Quick Controls for Kontakt for host automation. As Kontakt has a pretty ugly naming scheme for its host automated parameters, I renamed them in the inspector. Unfortunately Nuendo resets them to the Kontakt default after a project restart.

Apparently Cubase had the same issue, but it was fixed in version 11:
Link to Cubase forum

So why does this still exist in Nuendo 11? Can we please get a fix as well?


If it has been fixed in Cubase 11, it must be fixed in Nuendo 11 too.

Unfortunately it is not. MIDI parameters can be renamed and they are saved, but host automation parameters are being reset on project restart.


Could you try in the Nuendo Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Unfortunately that didn’t help.


Just for the test, could you try with any built-in plug-in, like HALion Sonic SE, please? Is it working with this plug-in?

NI Kontakt is VST2 plug-in, which hight cause the issue.

Thank you

Ok, I did some further testing. It IS working with both, built-in as well as 3rd party effect plugins (VST2 / VST3). However it is NOT working with instruments neither built-in nor 3rd party (VST 2 / VST3).

So this issue seems only related to the instrument track.


Yes, I can reproduce and confirm this. Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.